It's Anniversary Week!

Yup- our Anniversary is this Saturday, March 12- I cannot believe that a whole year has gone by!  The time has gone so fast that it seems like just 2 months ago that we got married! To honor our great acheivement (in the world these days, one year is a great achievement!), we have dubbed this whole week, "Anniversary Week!"

What does this consist of you ask? Well, we have stayed up late watching movies, had an impromptu (sp?) sleepover at my mom's house last night, we are getting our hairs cut and colored today and so much more!  We are so lovey dovey this week and it is the best!  After we kiss, wake up, fall asleep, say goodbye on our way to work/school, we say those words:

"Happy Anniversary Week!" 

It is amazing to see how much kinder we are to each other and how much more patient we are. (Not like we are rude to each other all the other times outside of "Anniversary Week!",
but it does make a difference!)

Do you want to know what is even better about all of this?! We get to spend our Anniversary and the days following in Sunny California! I have to fly to Palm Springs, CA tomorrow for work and I'll be there until Monday.  Orginally I was just going to head down for work and then come back after I went to my big sister in Chi Omega's wedding in San Diego- and I was going to do this
all by my lonesome... over our anniversary. 

  But remember how I love my job and that I think I have the coolest boss in the world? Well, she overheard me say that it is our anniversary that weekend and she asked if Andy would be joining me... "um...Can he?" I asked.  Sure enough she told me that he for sure can come down, eat the food that we will be eating, attend the WTA Tennis Tournament down there with us and EVERYTHING else that we will be doing! We get to stay at the JW Marriott for three nights (Including a couples massage and dinner on the town) and then we get to drive to San Diego together to attend Katie's wedding and reception (So excited!)  AND THEN, the next day we are giong to the San Diego Zoo (a treat from my Grandad).  Basically, it will be a great Anniversary Trip for practically free!  I love Free stuff!
  So, that is where we will be heading off to! And the best part about all of it is that Anniverary Week get's to last until next Wednesday!

Yay for Anniversaries!