Flash Mob

Courtney's best friend Megan, who was their amazing photographer as well, had a dream a couple weeks before their wedding that all of Courtney and Skyler's close friends and family did a Flash Mob dance at their wedding. When Megan woke up she knew that she had to make her dream become a reality! The Sunday before their wedding, everyone got together while Courtney and Skyler were away and then practiced again after their wedding dinner the night before their wedding.
Courtney and Skyler were loving EVERY MINUTE of it! Can't wait to share their wedding video with you all- it was a wonderful day!

In a limo... on the way to Wendover

I have known Skyler since College and I have had the pleasure to get to know Courtney just recently and I have to say- they are one of the coolest couples around! We went out to the International Peace Gardens to film their Love Story and had a B.L.A.S.T.! They gave me so much to work with and I had a blast making their film. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Courtney + Skyler from Elise Curtis on Vimeo.

Second Vid

Jason and Lauren were so much fun to film. Lauren came to us telling us she didn't want the typical picture slideshow so we were able to explore and have fun with this video. Jason is a composer and I wanted to tie in a score of music to relate to him. (Hence the score of music and him playing the piano in the film). The weather cooperated for about 10 minutes while we were outside and then a huge wind/rain storm came blowing in. Luckily the people that owned the house with the cute porch let us come inside and use their ridiculously fabulous vintage front room. We had fun filming this one!

I figured it out!

I finally found out how to put videos on a blog... so here is the first one that Andy and I did.  I knew Brooke from EFY and when I found out she was getting married I tracked her down and asked if we could do a Love Story for her so we could practice.  Luckily the obliged and we had a great time!  The weather cooperated for about 45 minutes- just long enough for us to film this!
Hope you enjoy our first video!

Adam and Brooke from Elise Curtis on Vimeo.