this is how the day's gone so far:
*Woke up and stared at the ceiling for about 20 minutes.
*Gave Andy a head massage... awkward?? I say nay- I did it as an act of love.
*Walked the dogs.
*Closed the shower curtain before I got in only to see a spider the size of a quarter smack dab on the outside of the curtain.  Me=Frozen/paralyzed for about 4.3 minutes while I contemplated how I would accomplish the killing of said spider.  Grabbed the shower head while the water was off, aimed the shower head at the spider, turned on the water and screamed.  Got the bathroom more than a little wet, but luckily watched as the spider curled into a ball of unconsciousness and sailed right down the drain!
*Got ready and styled my new hair-do! I'm in love! :)
*Drove to work, walked into work and saw a women with a sock on her shoulder.  I had that moment where I didn't know whether to say something or to just pretend I never saw it.  I chose the noble route and let her know of the potentially embarrassing situation that might have happened.  
*Spoke to my friend Amanda at work while we discussed some prizes that we will be giving away for a certain contest- Amanda is going to give out a 47" Vizio Flat Screen TV- In my amazement and excitement, I combined the statements of "Holy Cow!" and "47" and ended up saying, "Holy Kevin!" random, I know, but funny nonetheless.
*Now I am sitting listening to my ipod do a little shuffling while working my little tail off (despite the fact that I am blogging at work) so that I can go have a wonderful weekend with Andrew. (Whom I love dearly and am grateful for every day and I know he will be there for me olways.)

now... back to that work thing...

New kids on the block

Wow.  I am inspired/frustrated/tired/unmotivated/motivated about so many things right now! I will now proceed to tell you what has been bogging my mind right now:

*April Smith and the Great Picture Show- New obsession of mu-sak.  Makes me tap my toe and brings a big 6-year-old grin to my face. 
*Thanks to my girl Jessi, I have now become obsessed with this little chica from TheDaybook blog. Seriously so inspiring- I even tried my hair like hers today (thanks to her tutorial) and I'm in love with it.  I am inspired by her blog that is read by thousands and how strong her testimony is of her beliefs. 
Good on ya Syd!
*I bought this book from Better Homes (or something of the like) called "The New Decorating Book" (I could  have just made that title up) and it's the greatest!  I feel so inspired to go home and decorate my whole house according to my internal color pallette!
*Sisterscafe is all I have to say.  So many of you know how much I adore am obsessed with this blog! I have cooked some pretty amazing treaties for me, the man, and the family! Thanks to my Sisterscafe
 (I sometimes feel like I really am related to them)
*  Wow.  this girl is great and she creates the cutest things for her home! She recovered a flat paneled clock that I want to recreate for my guest bathroom...
I sense some design inspiration coming to me!
*Biggest Loser.  I don't think I have to say anymore about this, except for the fact that if you are not watching this, you need to.  Seriously.  I cry everytime they lose a pound, or break through one of their trials, when they eat a cupcake and then feel bad about it, or even if they just smile at the camera.  Andy's Aunt and Uncle's fam got me hooked and I now consider the cast of Biggest Loser to be some of my besties.  (Oh and just to throw it out there- you should probably be watching Modern Family also=my fave.)
*I came across a wedding video website that has completely FLIPPED my whole world upside down with amazingness. No seriously- it's all I think about and dream about.  I have to thank my biggest supporter (Andy of course) because he is helping my dream of becoming a wedding videographer come true! Seriously.  Look out Utah because this missy has something great that is about to pop out of her sleeve!!
*I was trying to play one of my new fave songs by April Smith and my computer wouldn't work... but now it is and I listened to it 10 times in a row.  So now I am not frustrated anymore... thanks April. And computer.

*Andy and I are housesitting/dog watching two of the most high maintenance pups in the whole world
(that is an exagerration, but they still are very H.M.)
*They love to sleep in the bed with you, on you, under the covers, on your bladder, cuddled in the nook of your arm in all their snoring glory.  Wow.  Good thing I love dogs!  This is good birth control, but it is making me want to get a dog of my own.  I could be a dog person! I can see it now...

*Have I ever told any of you how much I love my job? I really really do and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work for USANA Health Sciences.  (It was a big blessing that was dropped straight out of heaven right into mine and Andy's laps. I constantly am thanking the Big Man upstairs- Seriously.)
*With that being said, I have about 2% motivation right now.  In my defense, I am waiting on a bunch of people to get stuff to me so I can send stuff out and complete my tasks so now I just wait.... and wait.... and wait.... and read TheDaybook.... and study wedding videos.... and wait... (mixed in with the work that I can get down while I am waiting).  (Oh and my work is taking me plus 90 contest winners on a cruise to the Western Caribbean! Wahoo- cannot wait for my departure on Dec. 4th. 
Hot sun, swimsuits, and ocean... here I come!
 I'm sure I could do without the swimsuits part due to the lack of exercise in the last 6 months... oh well! Bring it on!)
*Because of my new obsession with so many great blogs and books, I have so much motivation to do so many great things in my life! I want to be crafty in every way.  I have realized in my desire for motivation, that a lot of those things take money.  So I am slowly working on accomplishing what I can.  A new camera for the videography is coming very shortly and I couldn't be more excited! Hallelujah for Black Friday!
 (fingers crossed!)

This is the beaut.  But the A33 is cheaper so that's what we will go for.
Sony has the greatest video capability out of all of the DSLR's.  I think we will work well together!  

This is me.  This is what has been swirling around in my brain the last couple of days.  (I had to finally have one of those Dumbledore moments where he puts his wand to the temple of his brain and then slowly pulls out his memories and places it in the big pool of other memories... or pensieve as the sophisticated people call it) So thank you for listening and from now on you can call me Headmaster.

Farewell and Happy Veteran’s Day

Oh and a special thank you and shout out to my cousin who is serving our Country over seas at this very moment! Love you Eric!!