Touch of God's Hand

I had to take a break from editing video so I immediately turned to the internet. Our home page is and I have bypassed that page countless times as I head to less meaningful websites to waste time.  As my mouse hovered over my Facebook Bookmark, I saw a talk entitled, "Recognize, Remember, and Give Thanks". The prompting came and unlike so many other times, I decided to follow it and read the message. 

The talk was by President Henry B. Eyring and the message was all about giving thanks to God. He talks about how our prayers become mechanical and that we need to take the time to pause and give God the chance to help us remember the blessings he has given us. He also talks about writing in a journal to help us see all the blessings we have. 

This quote stuck out to me and has given me the idea that I want to start writing more (or as inspiration comes!) 
     "As you start to write, you could ask yourself, “How did God bless me and those I love today?” If you do that often enough and with faith, you will find yourself remembering blessings. And sometimes you will have gifts brought to your mind that you failed to notice during the day but that you will then know were a touch of God’s hand in your life."

I love that it says that we will have gifts brought to our mind that we might have not noticed but then we will realize that it was God blessing our lives! So simple. So profound. 

I really am grateful for all of my blessings. Even as I sit here and type this, a flood of blessings comes to my mind. I am grateful that I was able to cuddle with Beau this morning for 5 minutes before I left. I'm grateful that I have my mom that so diligently and willingly watches Beau while Andy and I are gone. I am grateful for a husband that works so hard and wants to help provide for his family. I am really grateful that Beau and I got to cuddle again tonight as he had his bottle and that we both fell asleep! It's the little things, right?!

If I had a quarter for every time I got on here and said, "I'm going to start writing now!" or "I want to document life for my kids!" and so on and so forth, I would be rich!  But I like an occasional reminder to do better and to be better- so that is what I am trying to do right now. 


To be Gentle

(Pictures from my most recent trip to Cancun!)

Several months ago I came across a post on a blog that I follow and it was all about finding a word to "live by" for one year.  I loved the idea of having a word to focus my energies on and to help better myself.  After some deep contemplation, I decided my word would be "Gentle".  Gentle? Why that word some might ask! Let me tell you...

There have been moments in my life when I regret things that come out of my mouth or the actions that I do. I regret arguments that I have had with roommates. I regret comments that I have made to friends. I regret stepping over any lines that I should've stayed on the original side. Sometimes I have made inappropriate comments to people that I don't really know (nothing horrible, but stuff I really shouldn't be saying... especially in a professional setting).  I think you get the point!

The word Gentle to me means that I will think before I speak.  That I will be gentle in my actions and in my words. That I will be kind and serve those around me.  That I will search for ways to reach out and touch other's hearts. That I will apologize for things that I regret saying. That I will not gossip about others.

To be Gentle means not raising my voice in any conversations- especially with my husband! I truly want to try to refine my "red" side of my personality that tends to over react, raise my voice, say things without thinking, etc.

I have been doing this since about April, and I can honestly say that having a word in my mind to constantly remind me of how to act, has helped me become a better person.  I have such a long way to go and I need to keep my mouth shut more often, but I'm happy that at least I am making this a focus in my life!


Monthly Update! (2 Months)

Well, I am already failing in this "monthly update" thing... and you know what? I am okay with that! I don't want to put any expectations on myself to make sure I document Beau's life every month- I will do it when I feel like it! Most likely I will feel like it once a month at some point, so that's when it will get done!

  You are 2 1/2 months now and I am so head over heels in love with you! I really never knew that I could love someone so much. I never get sick of playing with you, singing to you, laughing with you, and so much more.  You are such a bundle of joy!

  At your 2 month check up,  you were 24 inches long and 10 lbs. 10oz.  That's the 97% percentile for height and 23% for weight... long and skinny! You had your first shots at your 2 month appointment and it was so heart breaking for me to witness! You laid on the table just flashing your adorable grin up at me. You were so happy and you didn't know what was about to happen! The nurse told me to grab your hands, so I did, and then I looked down to see her stick the first needle in your leg... and that's when you lost it! You were not happy about what was going on! The nurse rushed to get the other two in you and then I scooped you up and held you in my arms.  You immediately stopped crying and just stared up at me with big tears in your eyes! Once you were close to me, you didn't cry or whimper once. I love that you just needed your momma! :)

  I love the way you stare at me.  I can feel the love that you have for me and that makes me so happy.  In the mornings, once your eyes adjust on me for the first time that day, you open your big toothless mouth and give me the biggest of grins! It is the greatest way to start out the day!

  I caught you giggling for the first time the other day- and luckily I caught it on camera! I have watched that video over and over again and I get just as excited each time I watch it!

  You have found your hands- and you love to look at this "thing" that is attached to your body.  I wonder what is going through your mind during those moments!

  You are starting to sleep better for us- which is a good sign of things to come! The other night you slept 8 hours again which is a relief for this tired momma! Hopefully if we keep doing what we are doing, you will be sleeping through the night once I go back to work!

  I am back at work part time right now and it is bittersweet.  I so wish that I could be home with you to take care of you all day, but at the same time, I am so fortunate to be working where I do.  USANA is such a great employer and the people I work with make it easier for me to come back.  I will just make sure that when I am home, we make the best of it!

  I love our morning cuddle sessions that we get to have- I just sit and stare at you while you sleep on my arm and I soak it all in.  Soon I will be rushing out the door to go to work in the mornings and will be leaving you sleeping in your crib, so I have to soak up all that I can get!