Monthly Update! (2 Months)

Well, I am already failing in this "monthly update" thing... and you know what? I am okay with that! I don't want to put any expectations on myself to make sure I document Beau's life every month- I will do it when I feel like it! Most likely I will feel like it once a month at some point, so that's when it will get done!

  You are 2 1/2 months now and I am so head over heels in love with you! I really never knew that I could love someone so much. I never get sick of playing with you, singing to you, laughing with you, and so much more.  You are such a bundle of joy!

  At your 2 month check up,  you were 24 inches long and 10 lbs. 10oz.  That's the 97% percentile for height and 23% for weight... long and skinny! You had your first shots at your 2 month appointment and it was so heart breaking for me to witness! You laid on the table just flashing your adorable grin up at me. You were so happy and you didn't know what was about to happen! The nurse told me to grab your hands, so I did, and then I looked down to see her stick the first needle in your leg... and that's when you lost it! You were not happy about what was going on! The nurse rushed to get the other two in you and then I scooped you up and held you in my arms.  You immediately stopped crying and just stared up at me with big tears in your eyes! Once you were close to me, you didn't cry or whimper once. I love that you just needed your momma! :)

  I love the way you stare at me.  I can feel the love that you have for me and that makes me so happy.  In the mornings, once your eyes adjust on me for the first time that day, you open your big toothless mouth and give me the biggest of grins! It is the greatest way to start out the day!

  I caught you giggling for the first time the other day- and luckily I caught it on camera! I have watched that video over and over again and I get just as excited each time I watch it!

  You have found your hands- and you love to look at this "thing" that is attached to your body.  I wonder what is going through your mind during those moments!

  You are starting to sleep better for us- which is a good sign of things to come! The other night you slept 8 hours again which is a relief for this tired momma! Hopefully if we keep doing what we are doing, you will be sleeping through the night once I go back to work!

  I am back at work part time right now and it is bittersweet.  I so wish that I could be home with you to take care of you all day, but at the same time, I am so fortunate to be working where I do.  USANA is such a great employer and the people I work with make it easier for me to come back.  I will just make sure that when I am home, we make the best of it!

  I love our morning cuddle sessions that we get to have- I just sit and stare at you while you sleep on my arm and I soak it all in.  Soon I will be rushing out the door to go to work in the mornings and will be leaving you sleeping in your crib, so I have to soak up all that I can get!


3 Monther

Welp Beau... you are 3 months old.  How time flies when we are having fun!

Here are a couple things that you have been doing now that you are 3 months:

* You are starting to talk up a storm.  I love when I have left you in your nursery while I get ready and I can hear you chatting it up to yourself through the monitor.  I love hearing you exercise your vocal chords... very impressive little one.

*You have started blowing bubbles and drooling all over.  You purse your little lips together and just start blowing. You love it. I love it. We are happy. :)

*Holding bottles- you just barely started to be able to grasp on to things so when we feed you a bottle, you grab both sides and hold it tight.  You can usually hold the bottle up on your own for about 30 seconds- it's so cute!

*Laughs- So many giggles are coming from you now! We love tickling you or playing little games with you to get you to giggle.  Its the sweetest little sound and I can't get enough of it!

*Little one- you love to move your arms at all times but especially when we feed you.  Your upper arm (or your free arm) won't stop moving.  It's constantly grabbing, "massaging" or tickling anything that you can touch while you are eating.  I secretly/not so secretly love it so much.

*You are more alert every day and I can see it in your eyes.  You are starting to focus on more things and I can see your little brain just being amazed at everything you see. Keep the learning up buddy!

*Kicks are strong- your legs are getting so strong! You are constantly moving and your little legs are definitely apart of that! Maybe you will be a professional athlete one of these days!

*Daycare- Well, you have been at Daycare for just a couple of days and you seem to be doing really well.  That first day we dropped you off, you were sleeping so all day at work I was imagining you being so afraid when you woke up.   The next day we took you, one of the helpers, Julie, took you out of your carseat and you started smiling and laughing and that calmed my little heart so much! I just wanted to make sure you that you were safe and happy and I know that you are now.  You still smile whenever we drop you off, so at least I know that you are okay for the time being!

  I love you to pieces.  You seriously make my life so much better and I can't wait to see what this life has in store for us and our family!

Like Bibby has always said, "Love you more and less; more than I did yesterday and less than I will tomorrow!" Love you buddy!


The First Day

Today is the First Day.

The First day that you went to School. A.K.A. DayCare

The First day that I went back to work full time after having you.

The First day that we listened to NSYNC the whole way down the hill to cheer up your Momma.

The First day that it took everything in me to keep myself pulled together as we spoke with your DayCare leaders.

The First day that I dropped you off with "strangers".

The First day your dad held me outside the doors of Viewmont to let me cry on his shoulder.

The First day that I went to Keva Juice to drink my sorrows away.

The First day that I cried the whole way to work.

The First day of my "new" life and the commitment to work as hard as I can so that we can enjoy every moment we do have together.

The First day of realizing how much my little Beau man has become apart of me.

Beau- Please know that I love you.  It makes me scared and sad to think about your first reaction to waking up at the DayCare to faces that you don't know.  I hope you know that those people are there to love you and take care of you while your mom and dad are doing everything we can to provide for you.  Please stay strong and be a happy boy while I am away and know that when I come to pick you up at 4:00, we will have many adventures ahead of us.

Good luck on your First day my little man.


First Dance


  Since day one you have been the perfect little "work helper".  You have been patient with your Momma as I have spent hours and hours at my desk editing wedding films.  Sometimes you like to sit and watch while I hold you in my arms, but mostly you lay on the floor and wait for the frequent breaks that I take to cuddle and play with you.

  The most recent wedding film that I just finished brought back a great memory and I wanted to share it with you.  Two months before you were born, I was at this wedding filming the groom dance with his mother.  While I went around filming from every angle, the photographer that we were shooting with, who also has a son, came and stood next to me and leaned over and said, "This part of the wedding always makes me cry.  I can't wait for the day that I can dance with my son at his wedding!".  I paused and watched the mother-son dance while tears filled my eyes and I contemplated what dancing with you would be like.  What kind of journeys we would take in our lives until we could share that first dance on the dance floor at your wedding.

  Beau, the other night you were not wanting to go to sleep, so you lay there with your eyes wide open staring at the ceiling and kicking your legs like crazy.  I came in and crawled over to the side of the car seat (Where you have been sleeping because you have had a chest cold), and I sat and stared at you.  I then gently picked you up and we had our first dance right there in my bedroom.  I sang, you rested your head on my chest, and we danced in circles until you fell sound asleep in my arms.

  Beau, I love you more than words can say and more than I can physically show you.  Nothing in this world has brought me so much joy and I am in constant amazement when it comes to you.  I could look at you for hours and never tire.  You are the beginning to a life that I never knew I was craving.

  Little one, until the day comes that I can dance with you at your wedding, I hope that we can share many more dances together in the comfort of each others arms.

Love you my little bug

Love, Momma.

Those Eyes

Those eyes.

Oh those eyes!

You love exploring this big world with those big blue eyes and I feel so blessed to witness you learn.  We have placed mobiles and toys in front of you since about the second week but you would "look through" them as if they weren't even there.  Well that pondering has begun and you can stare at a mobile for a good 10 minutes (2-3 hours in Beau time!).

On your swing there is a mirror that you can look into and I just sat at my desk for the last while listening to you coo and giggle at the little image that you saw reflecting back at you. This makes your mama's heart melt every time.

Sometimes (meaning just about every time now) when I burp you, you prop your feet on my legs and straighten your legs so that you are standing. Then you lift your head up off of my shoulder and swing your head from side to side enjoying every little thing your eyes land on.

Tonight was a special time and I had another moment that I sat and pondered on the old spirit that is inside of you.  You have waited so long to come to this earth and to get this perfect little body, and I get to watch you explore this world. Finally! I wonder how long we have known each other.  I wonder if I told you before I came down that I would see you in 26 1/2 years.  I wonder if you said "goodbye" to your future brothers and sisters and you promised them that you would pave the way for them.  I wonder what goals you made with your Heavenly Father before he released you into my arms.  Oh the things I wonder and that wondering begins when I look into your perfect eyes that connect me with your soul.

Love you Beau man.

Love, Mama.

1 Month... well 5 Weeks

Little Beau Man-

  I can't believe you are 5 weeks old! The time has gone too fast, but there are moments when the time freezes and I could relish in that moment forever.  I absolutely love how much you love to cuddle.  It makes my heart melt when I pick you up and you stop fussing... (Sure there are still the times that you fuss and I have no idea what is wrong! BUT, I love the times that your momma can comfort you!)
So just a little update on your life the past 5 weeks:

  • I took you in at your two week appointment and you were at 7 lbs. 7 oz.  Which means that you weren't near your birth weight.  (You were 7.15 at birth). This concerned your mom a little but the doctor didn't seem too concerned.  He told us to come back in two weeks to make sure you were gaining weight. At the month appointment you were up to 7 lbs. 14 oz. (so any genius can see that you were still under your birthweight!)  Now you had one concerned and sad momma on your hands!  It upset me to think that I couldn't give you enough to chunk you up- so the doctor recommended that I feed you and then give you 2 oz. of formula.  We started that last week and if my methods of weighing you are correct, you are up to 9 lbs. 3 oz in just 4 days!  In all honesty, I'm sad and feel defeated that I can't give you everything you need straight from me, but I'm so glad that you are able to get what you need with me and some formula.  I am trying my hardest to build up my milk supply- so hopefully one day we can go back to just me! (Although having a bottle and formula around every once in awhile is SO nice!)
  • Your poor little face has broken out so bad with baby acne- Apparently my hormones are going crazy in your little body! I've started wiping your face with a Norwex cloth two to three times a day and then wiping some breast milk on it- and your face is clearing right on up! (I post this more for my future needs than for yours, Beau!)
  • You still have one thick head of hair and it kills me! I styled it with gel last week for the first time and I loved it! We will definitely make sure we do that more often! 
  • One of my favorite things that you do is when you have been sucking on your soother and you spit it out while you are sleeping.  Then you continue to move your mouth like you have it in- suck, suck, suck- maybe you have found your tongue at that moment! It is so cute! 
  • I LOVE the sound of you sucking your soother! Your Dad recorded it the other day so we can continue to listen to it even as you get older! It seriously makes me so happy to hear that little sound! (Oh the little things... )
  • One of the sweetest moments I share with you is when I am feeding you and you take your small little hand and wrap it tightly around my finger.  You just hold on tight while you fill your belly.  Melt. My. Heart. 
  • I also love when I'm feeding you and you're wide awake and study your surroundings.  I just wonder what you are making of this whole situation and I also wonder who you are able to see! Today I had just finished feeding you and you sat back on the Boppy and just stared out the window and over my shoulder and just started smiling so big! Now this is a different smile than your "milk coma" smile, so I just have to assume that someone from the other side was pulling faces at you over my shoulder! 
  • You are starting to smile at your dad and me more often and we get so excited each and every time! I walked in the room the other day while you were laying on the floor and you looked up and gave me a huge smile! Whether you had just passed gas or you truly are starting to recognize me, it doesn't matter!  I will take whatever I can get!
  • Sleeping at night is getting better and better- you usually go 5 hours between feedings at night, which is GA-REAT for your momma! We started a bedtime routine so hopefully as you get more used to that, you will continue to sleep better and better! 
  • We went and checked out the Viewmont DayCare where you will be going in November and I felt so at piece with it.  I feel like there is such a negative view with day care (Just like there is a negative view with minivans!) so sometimes I get nervous to tell people that that is where you will be going.  But, on the other hand, I feel like that whole situation fell into place and I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason.  Both your dad and I are sad that we will have to leave you for part of the day, but we are happy that God has opened up a way for you to be watched my such caring, loving women.  
  • Your cousins all love you so dearly! Little Emery is a little jealous whenever Nanna or Papa hold you, but she is always excited to see you! You are still known by all the little kiddos as "Baby Beau" and I wonder how long that will stick! I love it so much! Your cousin Troy is obsessed with you and wants to hold you every chance he can get... until he gets distracted by the other kids and is then done with you! Can't blame the kid! There is always so much going on at our house!
  • You are my little work buddy- You just lay between me, the boppy, and the desk while I do work.  Like right now- you are Zonked out.  Thanks little buddy for letting me get some stuff done! :) 
  • I love your loooong, skinny legs right now.  You may be slow with gaining weight, but you were 22 1/2 inches long at your last appointment - in the 87% percentile! Long and skinny- that's just how your momma was when she was your age.  Then I Chubbed right on up- so I hope you follow in my footsteps! 
  • Your dad and I went and filmed our last wedding for awhile last week- that meant that we left you with our cousin Teya and her kids and then your Grammie- You did great which calmed my heart while I was away! Teya would send me pictures and it made me miss you so much- but I was glad that we could be out providing for our family!
  • One last thing- Since you have gotten pretty accustomed to the daily routine, I know whenever you will be tired and need a nap.  Whenever possible I try to set up camp and let you sleep on my chest while I work or read a book.  Oh. I never want that to end! You fall asleep within a matter of seconds and it is the greatest thing ever! So keep it up little Beau!
Little bug- you are the highlight of my life so far.  I can't think of life without you and I am so grateful that we get to spend eternity with you.  Thanks for helping me feel like my purpose on Earth is being fulfilled.  You are the cutest little bug in the world.  Thanks for being my little buddy! 

Love Momma

One Week


Baby Beau-

  You have been apart of our lives for a week now and you have completely captivated our hearts!  I stare at you now as you are in your swing and I can't believe you are mine.  I can't believe that a week and 1 day ago, you were in my belly and we were wondering who you would look like, what you would sound like, what kind of joy you would bring into our lives.  Now that you are here, my life has purpose as a mommy and I know your dad feels the same way.

  On the way home from the hospital last week, we were talking about how wonderful you are and your dad said, "I feel like my life has a whole new meaning now.  I need him to make me a better father, husband, and person, and he needs me in this life just as much." We are a family and we couldn't be happier!

  Some things that I have noticed about you in this first week:

  • I LOVE when you are "rooting" and looking for food.  It doesn't matter who is holding you, when you are hungry, you will start sucking! My favorite is when you land on my arm and just start sucking away.  Makes me chuckle every time!
  • The last few days you smile after almost every feeding.  I set you back for a second and stare at you waiting for that big grin... and it usually comes... and it always melts my heart. 
  • You are the biggest cuddle bug! This makes it difficult at night when you only want to be held in order to sleep.  We are working on that and the last two nights you have slept in your crib for an uninterrupted 3-4 hours of sleep! Good work Beau- We will keep taking one day at a time!
  • You are such a good eater! From the moment you came into this world, you have had an appetite! This has made things easier for your momma because I haven't had to fight you on it! 
  • You have the biggest hands and feet- Grammie Claire keeps saying that's how Craig's hands and feet were so we might have another tall boy in our family! It is so exciting to think of how you will look as you grow up, etc.  I feel so blessed to be able to witness it all!
  • That head of hair of yours makes everyone "swoon"! That is the first thing that everyone notices and I take lots of pride in your little cap of hair!  I can't get over the hair myself and I love how sometimes it makes you look like you are 10 years old!  
  • You made labor and delivery so easy for me, and you have made the recovery process great as well.  I am tired and sore sometimes, but I feel very blessed for having such an easy time with the recovery.  Thanks little buddy!
  • You are a great errand companion! I have taken you out several times since we got home last week and you just sit in your car seat content with life.  (That is usually after a fight to get you in your carseat... you aren't too fond of that whole "buckling up" process). I can't wait for all of our mommy/son adventures that will come over the years! 
  • Your daddy loves you so very much.  From the moment you entered this world, he can't get enough of you.  He is a natural father and it melts my heart to see him "hang out" with you.  I know the two of you will be best buddies forever- he is already planning the hunting and fishing trips that he will take with you.  Your childhood will be one of adventure with your dad by your side. 
  • You are so loved by all of your family members! It has been so neat to see all your little cousins stare in amazement at your little body!  They love taking their turns in holding you, and your little cousin Kaden loves pointing out your little hands, feet, nose, eyes, etc.  It never gets old for him and he gets such a kick out of how little you are!  At the splash pad yesterday he kept saying, "I See!" if his mom would move you out of his sight.  I know you will be loved by all your cousins throughout your life and I can't wait to see that friendship grow. 
I know if I sit here long enough, I could write a novel of all the things we love or have noticed in this first week.   The one thing I do want to leave with is how much I love your eyes.  It is always so much fun to see you with your eyes open exploring the world, but there is something special deep inside of those eyes.  Yesterday I sat in our rocker about to feed you and we locked eyes for about 30 seconds.  I could feel your strong little spirit and the magnitude of what being your mother means came down on me all at once.  The tears started to stream and I still can't get that strong spiritual feeling out of my mind or heart.  I feel so blessed to have been given such a sweet spirit to take care of in this world.  I wonder where your spirit has been, who you can still see through the Veil, what you already know about your father and me.  The Plan of Salvation truly is amazing to me to think that you have had a whole spiritual life before this worldly life.  And that we will be able to be together forever after this life forever! It truly is amazing!  I can't get enough of your little eyes- they really are the window to your soul and I feel so grateful that I was able to get that little glimpse inside yesterday afternoon.  I promise I will never forget that feeling. 

Beau- I can't wait to see where this life will take us.  I can't wait to see where it will take you! I know that we will have many adventures and please know that you will always be loved.  We are so in love with you already and can't get enough of our little "bug". 

Love you to the moon and back!
Your mommy and daddy 

One month until D-Day

35 Weeks- the toes are slowly disappearing!

I have one more month!!! One more month until I get to meet my little bug! Let's give a little re-cap on the last couple of weeks:

- I'm 99% sure that he has moved to the correct "birthing" position, because all I feel now-a-days are his little feet kicking my lungs and ribs and diaphram and stomach over and over and over again. I have to sit in a reclined position most of the day because otherwise it hurts too bad to sit a little "scrunched" up.  So if you see me driving my Subaru with the seat leaned back like the gangsta I am, that is why. It is the babe.

- My pelvis bone is softening and adjusting and killing me. :)  I feel like everytime I get up from sitting down or laying down for a while, it always takes me a couple minutes to adjust to the pain.  My body is just getting ready! (tack this on to the things I never knew about pregnancy...)

- I was naseous the first part of the 3rd trimester, but now it just comes and goes.  Which is nice that I'm not super sick. I'm just SUPER tired!  Everyone I talk to tells me to make sure I take time for myself right now and rest my body.  Um... I can't! I don't have time to rest! This baby gets here so soon and there is SO much to do before he arrives! So I just keep pushing through the tiredness! but I know it will all be worth it! (the tiredness will just continue... I know, i know!)

- I *think* I am getting to be more comfortable with my pregnant body.  Sure, I still have those moments where I try on every piece of clothing convinced that I'm getting fatter and fatter with each shirt I pull over my head, but I am slowly learning to be okay with it! SLOOOOOOWLY.  Luckily I have Maxi Skirts to cover the junk in my trunk otherwise I think I would die. A slow and fat death. (dramatic much?)

- Munchkins room is slowly coming together! The other night I expressed to Andrew how overwhelmed I felt with everything I have to get done.  Our nursery/office was a disaster and it gave me anxiety to even go in there.  So after a long hot shower and brushing my teeth, Andrew came and got me and lead me upstairs.  Told me to close my eyes.  And then took me into the nursery.  When I opened my eyes I just started bawling! haha.  He had been upstairs while I had been pouting downstairs, cleaning and moving everything out of the nursery so we could have a fresh "slate" to work with!  Oh, now I love the nursery! Sure there still isn't anything on the walls, and we still have so much to do, but atleast I want to be in there now and work on it!  Babies clothes are washed, hung up/folded, and everything is coming together! Yay for awesome husbands that put up with their hormonal wives!

- My internal "heater" is finally on and I'm loving/hating it! I was always, ALWAYS so cold before, so it's kind of nice to not have popsicles for feet! Now I have a fan that blows on me at night while Andrew is cold on the other side! I thought this day would never come!

- So much is happening in our lives right now, but I can't wait for the quiet moments that are shortly upon us where I can just cuddle with my little one while he sleeps.  That is what I look forward to the most.  Cherishing those quiet, calm times.  They will be here before we know it!

- Oh, and we still don't have a name for him. :)  It will be decided in the hospital... and I am 100% okay with that.


All Because He Sat on My Bladder

Early Monday morning I woke up with the extreme urgency to use the bathroom.  I typically lay there and force myself to go back to sleep and tell myself I'll deal with going to the bathroom later.  This morning was different.  I hurdled over my body pillow while my legs tangled in our blanket and finally landed on the floor.  I stumbled towards the door and slowly opened our creaky door.

Once the door was ajar, the smell of campfire hit my nose and stayed with me as I continued on to the bathroom.  I relieved myself, peaked my head into the laundry room to make sure the dryer wasn't up in flames, and then stumbled back into the bedroom.  I laid down and pulled out my phone and saw that it was 1:15 in the a.m.. I pulled up Facebook to see if the news stations that I follow had posted anything about a fire burning in Bountiful.  I pictured Pyramid Peak behind our house up in flames and I was ready to act.  Facebook didn't tell me anything, so I rolled over and nudged Andrew.  

"Hey.  Andrew.  Wake up- I smell smoke in our house and I'm not sure where it is coming from," I whispered. 

He immediately jumped out of bed and we made our venture throughout the house.  The smell in the basement was strong, but as we ascended upstairs to the main floor, the smell got stronger.  Andrew went to the backdoor and peaked his head outside. He turned his head back with a look of worry in his eyes and said, "It smells clean outside.  It's coming from in here."  

We both took off running upstairs as the smell got stronger and then the addition of smoke started to appear.  Our office was full of smoke.  The hallway was full of smoke.  The lights in the bathroom and Craig's room weren't working.  I walked down to my mom's room and the whole room was filled with this white, whispy smoke.  I turned to Andrew in a panic not knowing what to do. I trembled as I handed him my phone and told him to call 911.  I ran around trying to find a fire extinguisher and feeling like my eyes couldn't focus on anything around me.   

911 told us to get everyone out of the house and that firetrucks would be there shortly.  I ran downstairs and let the dogs out the back and then continued on to our bedroom in the basement to throw on some clothes.  What do I take with me? Do I bring extra clothes? Do I grab our important paperwork? Do I get Andy's gun? (Not sure why this one entered my mind!  Must have something to do with being woken up in a panic in the middle of the night!)

I went and waited for the firetruck at the end of our driveway.  Two firemen hopped out and went right inside.  I grabbed the dogs and put them in the garage since they would've woken up the whole neighborhood and then headed outside again.  As I walked out, the first firemen walked in and said that he smelled paper and instructed the other one to get the "Tick".  They both ran inside while I waited outside not knowing what was going on behind our brick walls. 

Two more firetrucks pulled up, along with two paramedics, and three cops.  I took command of the watch patrol and ran to the different neighbors as I saw them come out to see what was going on.  I let them first know that everyone was okay and that I didn't know what was going on.  

Andy came out and told me that they found some of the wire casing in the attic melting through the bathroom fan and that there was a fire in the attic.  He went back in around the same time that more firemen walked in with a couple long poles in order to pull the ceiling down. 

I called my mom who was staying with my Grandad, who has been ill, and let her know that her attic was on fire and that I didn't know much of what was going on.  I told her I would call her back once I knew more information.  

Time passed and my mom pulled up rushing to find out what was going on in her house! At that point, the firemen were just tearing down the ceiling, throwing it on the ground, and putting out the smoke/flames with water... right there in our hallway! :) Eventually they brought everything down (3 HUGE tarp fulls- FULL of insulation, ceiling, and whatever else was in the attic!

Every firemen that we spoke to said that if we had not woken up for another hour or so, our whole house would've been on fire.  This freaks me out so bad thinking about how we couldn't smell anything in our room and who knows what might have happened to us! The firemen told us that they wanted someone to stay at the house and check on the attic every hour to make sure it didn't start burning more.  So Andy and I went downstairs again because you couldn't smell a thing in our room, turned on Couples Retreat, and stayed up until about 5:00 in the morning with frequent breaks to check on the attic!

I am so grateful for my little guy for waking me up! I KNOW that it wasn't by chance.  Just how everything fell into place, I know that God was watching out for us and used our little man as an instrument to wake us up! It's the only thing that makes sense!

Our house is now patched up and the smell is mostly gone (it's been about 2 weeks now), and we will start moving our stuff upstairs to be close to the nursery! I am so grateful for this baby that is coming to join us!!

Here are some pics of the fire and the firemen:

Videos from the Reveal!

I finally got around to downloading videos from my phone and I have found so many gems!! But I just watched these videos and they brought me to tears!!

The first 3 are from when we told my family that Amberlee and I were pregnant.  The last one is when we told the Curtis family!!

This seems like just last month that we told them and now next month this little man will come join us! YAY!

(And I can't figure out why it has the video and a thumbnail picture of the video- so please disregard those!)

why not?!

Sure I went to Hawaii over 7 months ago.

Sure I haven't done a darn thing with any of the pictures.

Sure it was the greatest trip Andy and I have ever been on together and we haven't done a darn thing to document it.

That is my life.

With every good intention inside my bones, I take picture after picture, in hopes that I will come home, whip out my scissors and glue, and get to scrapbooking.  But then I realized that I haven't touched that stuff since Jr. Year in High School, so the odds that I do that now are about SLIM to NONE. :)

Good thing I downloaded all my phone pics today (Which now that I see them on the big screen, I realized the Android camera = crap. oh well) so I would have something to do at work! So Why Not just throw them on the blog so that I can one day create all of this into a blog book! :)

1 and 2) Plane ride and Andy's first reaction to the Hawaiian air. He was in love. 
3 and 4) View from our hotel and view from the Point- where I used to live
5) me. 
6 and 7) Laie Temple and Waimea Bay- I spent many hours jumping off that rock on the far left. It is a Must.
8) Andrew. Trying to be GQ. You're almost there babe. 
9) Sunrise from our room again
10) Snow Cones from Matsumoto!! We are such tourists. :)
11-13) Man on the Hilton Hawaiian Village beach.  Yup.  Full on Banana Sling bearing all to see! 
14 and 15) Hiking up to the top of Diamond Head! 

1 -3) Sunset Beach on Oahu
4-6) Eggs n Things- If you are staying in Waikiki, this place is a must.  But you have to go early. Like Really early in order to skip the long line.  But the food is to die for. At least in my Fat Girl opinion....
7) A Whoopie pie ordered by our Sales Director at the Hilton. Another piece of heaven!
8) Scared for our lives as "smoke" was coming out of the sides of the airplane on our way to Maui... um... we made it there safe, so I'll just assume it was normal! 
9 and 10) My lei upon arrival and Andrew and I on the plane over to Maui
11-13) Road to Hana.  Black Beaches, POURING Rain, and beautiful country side!
14 and 15) The all too famous Forest Gump chair.  I hate how the shoes accentuate my big knees and calves... its the shoes, I promise.

1 and 2) Beach in Maui and Andrew becoming that professional photographer he never knew he wanted to be
3) Our plane that took us to the Big Island- Andrew was scared out of his pants the whole ride- especially when the pilots were pointing to the lightning that was in the sky! 
4) Some food that he was really excited about- I'm not sure. I think we are turning Asian because food pictures are becoming more and more popular on our phones for some reason.... 
5 and 6) Andrew and I waiting to swim with the dolphins and the train in the lobby cause the hotel is so darn massive. 
7-13) DOLPHINS!!! So we were given a CD with good quality pictures from our Dolphin sesh (for free) and I lost it on the way home.  Good thing we took pictures of each screen with my phone!
14-15) Our last night in Hawaii.  We had the most amazing time and we were able to do SOOOO much. We loved every second of it and can't wait to go back! 


Ahoy It's a Boy!!

One big regret from my wedding is that I didn't take any pictures of any of my showers.  I had random ones but none of me with the people that came out to support me!

So I made Andra whip out her camera at my baby shower so I could have some good pics of how ADORABLE it was! (I initially brought my camera, both of them, and upon arrival I realized that I didn't have any SD Cards... smart Elo. Smart.)

Thanks Andra for taking these, thank you Karly for working so hard on all the decor (which I LOVED), and thank you to all those that brought food and came to support me! I appreciate it so much!!

(And thanks to all the girls that came and aren't in the pic at the bottom!! Love ALL of you!!!!)


I've seen this hashtag floating around the interwebs and I just downloaded a bunch of photos from my phone, so I thought I would participate in a little #throwbackthursday action here on the good ol blog!
We have been spending time up in Park City all week long, which means that our little baby, Albie, has been stuck in Bountiful with my mom's little pups.  As a tribute to my cute little pup- we will throw back to "All about Albie!"
(Most of you won't care.  But in honor of my post yesterday, I'm going to start writing more about all aspects of my life!)

 The picture on the left is about 20 minutes after we picked her up! She was nervous as all get out and we stuck her in our bag and went into Walmart to get all of her gear!

This picture kills me! Andy sent this to me while I was away on a work trip- she looks so freaky! Albie loved playing in this field out by our old house- she would run and run and run! 

The two pictures above are the remnants of her puppiness! She got a hold of my nice bra and then DESTROYED her bed! I wasn't too happy about the bra incident, but I couldn't stop laughing when it came to the dog bed! What a goof. 

Albie and Andy cuddling- she is the biggest cuddle hog! She will nuzzle her nose where ever she wants to be until we move to give her room- or she will just sit on us! 

Albie with her buddies Zoey and Miley

She is such a quirky dog- on the left she was positioning herself to drink out of Miley's water jug- look at her! haha.  And then on the right, if we are ever just standing there she will come and just stand in between our legs like that.  She doesn't move or try to get you to play with her- she will just come stand! 

Here I am with my little pup.  I am so glad we got her- I keep thinking about the fun bond that her and our little guy will have together all throughout their growing up years! Love that Alb-Meister!


Remembering the Journey

Last night I laid in bed with my niece, Sienna, trying to help her fall asleep. She lay there fighting to keep her eyelids ajar as I spoke to her softly. Her little brother lay 2 feet away from me in the pack and play softly making noises of trucks and lulling himself to sleep. At that moment, my little guy in my belly started to kick hard and fast on the left side.  I grabbed Sienna's hand, placed it on my belly, and we laid there giggling as she felt his little kicks against the palm of her hand.  Shortly after that, Sienna closed her eyes and fell asleep for the night. 

2 hours later, after watching The Bachelorette with my family, (Andrew was even into it this time!), I lay in bed with him and we spoke to each other before we fell asleep.  I told him how I wished that we were better at writing things down. I reminded him how throughout this pregnancy there were special moments that Andrew and I never wanted to forget.  Special, spiritual moments that helped us feel the Love of God through the little being that is about to join our family.  Of course, as the time has passed, those memories, thoughts, and feelings are slowly beginning to fade under the layers of chaos in my brain that are quickly piling up!  Those exact experiences are foggy and I so regret not taking the time to write them down.

I hope that whether it is on this blog, in a journal, or recorded by some other means, I will start to sacrifice my time to write things down.  I want my little bug to remember the big and small moments of his life and how special it will be to have those memories written from the view point of his mother and father.  Not only will it be a blessing for him, but I think it will be a bigger blessing for me to look back on and see how far I have come as a mom and the sacrifice and growing that comes along with it.  

I hold the experiences that I have with my little niece so close to my heart.  I felt so much love, excitement, and happiness as we shared that special moment together last night.  I cannot comprehend the love that I will feel for my own little one in 2 short months!  I cannot wait and I am excited for the journey that it will take me on!

I just hope I remember to write the journey down! :)


Give up trying to be perfect...

Just posted this over on our Twigs and a Pearl blog and thought it was very applicable to my last post.  So I did a little copy and paste and Voila!  Now it's here for these parts of the internet to enjoy! 

I just found this online- I think I need to post it every where around me so I can constantly remember it's truths!

"Give up trying to be perfect. – Sometimes we try to show the world that we are flawless in hopes that we will be liked and accepted by everyone.  But we can’t please everyone, and we shouldn’t try.  The beauty of us lies in our vulnerability, our love, our complex emotions – our authentic imperfections.  When we embrace who we are and decide to be authentic, instead of perfect, we open ourselves up to real relationships, real happiness, and real success.  There is no need to put on a mask.  There is no need to pretend to be someone you’re not.  You are perfectly imperfect just the way you are."

I am constantly trying to hide any flaws that I might have in hopes that people will like me and accept me! I CAN'T please everyone- I need to please myself first and then I won't care so much about what others think of me! 

When it comes to videography, I am the worst.  I expect my work to look like the "veterans" that have been around for 10 years.  When it doesn't, I feel like I'm not good enough and I almost don't give myself even the chance to prove that I can do it.  With work. Hard work nonetheless, but I can do it!

I am capable of so much more than I give myself credit for.  I know that! Duh Elise...  I know that if I don't keep going after my dreams of running my own successful videography company, then someone else will and I will be left in the blowing dirt of their heels! 

I just have to keep going.  Keep pushing forward.  I need to decide to be authentic to myself and love it.  Make mistakes and move on.  But most importantly I need to remember to find the joy in creation.  Create Because I Can.  

I stole this off Jasmine Star's blog- whom I love.  But this gets me excited to keep pursuing that dream that will take me into the future. 

xo- Elise

i'm on a journey...

i've learned a lot during this pregnancy.

i've learned how i can overcome complete exhaustion and still get things done.
i've learned how miraculous our bodies are and that they can create life and everything that goes
into a human body.
i've learned how truly amazing it is to have a connection with your unborn child at 27 weeks.
i've learned what it means to truly crave something... something that i won't be able to meet or know for another 13 weeks and 2 days.

above all i've learned how desperately i need self-acceptance.

i've always been the type that relies on other's acceptance of me.
i need compliments.
i need to feel validated in what i do.
i need people to tell me i'm pretty, or stylish, or thin, or smart, or good at things i do.

if i don't get this validation from others i doubt everything about me.
i doubt my decisions.
i doubt my body.
essentially i doubt my purpose.  

this needs to change.
i'm slowly coming to the conclusion that i need to change.
i need to accept myself above everything and everyone.

this is the journey.
i don't know how long it will take.
but i need to take it and hopefully i will arrive at the destination i have desired for so long.

love this. to pieces.

i am dying here at work watching this.  the whole interview with Will is great.  reminds me of my good times with my dear old roommate Andra.

hope you enjoy.

love much.

sore neck

today i just want to post about why my neck is sore. 

andrew finished finals.  we went on a day date to costa vida to celebrate.  on the way back to my work we stopped and got me peanut m&ms. 

now i'm sitting at my desk and the little munchkin that my body is building inside of me is going ca-razy! i have felt him move and andrew has seen my stomach dance a little bit here and there.  but this was ten minutes of my belly being kicked left and right. 

i just let my chin hang down and watched in amazement for a good while.  everytime it would happen i would chuckle just a little bit more. 

oh the miracles of building a life. :)

happy thursday.


Everything I Ever Wanted and More!

I just went to my email and saw that Andy had emailed me.  I told him to email me throughout the day and remind me how much he loves me...  This is SO.MUCH.BETTER. 

The Shoe Fairy

Many many years ago, I first heard the magical tale of the Shoe Fairy.  It all started with a Grand Story that was told in my grandparents living room.  They told of this great fairy that would come when we were good and leave candy in our shoes, hide them somewhere in their house, and then the adventure would begin in the morning as we searched high and low for our prize. 

This adventure became something that we looked forward to as we slept over at Grammie and Grandad's.  We would leave our shoes at the top of the stairs and go to bed with dreams of fairy's flying around our house leaving us goodies for us to find in the morning.  I have countless memories of finding my shoe in the oven, on top of the fridge, under the couch, hiding in cupboards, etc. etc.  As I grew older, I learned the truth of the Shoe Fairy and the magic slipped away throughout the years.

Fast forward 15 years or so to a scene set at my mom's kitchen table.  Sienna, my niece, was sleeping over, and Sienna, my mom, and myself were chatting at the table as Sienna painted my mom's fingernails.  I told her of this Shoe Fairy and that the Shoe Fairy used to come visit her mom and me at Grandad's house.  I told her of the great treats that were left for us and for the exciting time it was to search for our shoes.  I then took it one step further and told her that I heard that the Shoe Fairy might stop by THAT NIGHT!  My hopes were high as I watched her face of wonderment suddenly turn into complete FEAR!  Sienna even got to the point that tears were flooding her eyes and her bottom lip was jutted out as big as I have ever seen it!  I couldn't understand why she didn't want the fairy to come and bring FREE CANDY! She kept telling my mom, her Grammie, that she didn't want the fairy to come.  Over and over those words timidly escaped her mouth.  I obliged and said, "Sienna, the Shoe Fairy will come when you are ready for her to come."  That seemed to calm her down, but you could see throughout the night that she was really terrified of this Shoe Fairy!

One week later, Sienna and her little brother Kaden were sleeping over again.  I got a text from my mom late that night that said, "Sienna wants the Shoe Fairy to come! Just FYI!"  So Andrew and I got the supplies on our way home and walked in to find Sienna and Kaden's shoes set perfectly on the table (Picture to come soon).  My heart literally melted for a minute! I went up and said good night to Sienna and Kaden and all she could talk about was that the Shoe Fairy was going to come!

After a nights sleep where Kaden sleeps on one side of my mom and Sienna on the other, they were ready to go find their treasures.  Sienna still was a little timid, but it was neat to see her timidness slowly being replaced by the magic and excitement of fairies! We walked all around the main floor until Kaden opened up the oven to see his shoe sitting there filled to the BRIM with Candy!  His face lit up so bright and looked up at Grammie like he couldn't believe it! He walked forward and grabbed his shoe with as much joy on his face that he could muster.  We continued walking around helping Sienna find her shoe when she looked up on the bookshelf and there was propped her little boot filled with candy.  She jumped up and down in excitement as we helped her get it down for her.  Kaden and Sienna ran over to the table and unloaded their candy explosion!

I was so happy that I was able to be there to see Sienna decide that she was brave enough to have the Shoe Fairy come and now she absolutely LOVES it! She always talks about how "The Shoe Fairy is going to come to her house now and bring lots and lots of Candy!" Sorry Amsy and Dan! :)

I hope this has started the magical tradition that the Chilton Kids once grew up with!

Sienna in her "pupcake" pajamas and Kaden clinging on to his lovey!

Such a happy little boy!!

Sienna was so excited. 
She is the type of girl that ALWAYS has a headband in her hair so this is a rare picture!
Immediately after she examined her candy, she went right upstairs to grab her headband to put it on.
True girl at heart!