A time last year...

So, for those of you who don't know me, I love a few things in this life a little more than I love other things. Those things would be:

Making videos
Being Random

Last year for my friend Baz's birthday, my dear pal Leslie and I made this video for Baz.  It consisted of us getting whatever we could find, writing down extremely random things on paper, and putting some tunes to it.

This is what came of it.  I haven't watched it in awhile so when I did I bursted out laughing because of its amazingness.  (yup...it's a word now).  AND, Leslie is coming into town this weekend and I hope that we will be able to make another video for another friend- here's to us in our pj's and bedhead!

Sometimes you need a little trust

Sometimes I wonder why each of us is given a different trial.  This question of "Why?" only goes through my head for about 5 seconds before the calming, reassurance of what I know to be true fills my heart and mind and then I just trust.  I trust in what I cannot see, but I know to be true. 

Sometimes I watch people in my life and wonder why they have to go through such hard times.  I wonder why them? Why do they have to struggle with not getting pregnant? Why did they have to lose a loved one? Why do they have low self-esteem? Why do some people have mental illnesses? Why do they have financial burdens? Why do they have to deal with what is right in front of them.  Every time I watch these people and ponder their lives, I am strengthened.  I am strengthened because I see how they deal with their situation.  I am strengthened because by seeing them deal, my faith grows and the question of "why" slowly disintegrates. 

There is this woman in my life. We will call her "Joanne" from here on out. This woman is the epitome of strength and goodness. She has been given some very hard times in her life, but especially in the last few years. I only slightly understood the deep despair she was going through until just recently. I was given a glimpse of her pain as she spoke to me about the trials that have been given to her. I have been able to feel the pain, anguish, embarrassment, frustration, longing, and confusion that lives within her every day.

This woman is my hero. She is strong when times are the toughest. She rarely ever lets her walls fall down, when for most every other human, their walls would've fallen down years ago. She truly understands the importance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and of a Forever Family and she is willing to fight for it. Joanne is everything that is good, strong, faithful, unwavering, dedicated, loving, and kind. I barely understand what she is going through, but my heart goes out to her. It longs for her to know that I will be there for her every day. It longs for her to know that her loved ones (those that truly love and appreciate her) will never leave her side. No matter what might come in the next few months.

Joanne- I want you to know that I love you and care for you. I appreciate the friendship that has grown between us the last few years. You are a shining example of the Light of Christ. If I had to think of one word to describe you, I would pick Strong over anything else. I know hundreds of other people that would choose that same word for you. Please know that through watching you go through these hard times, my faith in my Heavenly Father and His plan has been strengthened. I don't know what will happen on this earth, but I do know that our Heavenly Father, our Loving Father, has a very specific plan for you and for your situation. Things will work out. They always do. Maybe not in the timeframe we need them to, but they do.


When my dad fell rock climbing and was life-flighted to the hospital, the only thing I could think to do was to kneel down and pray. I prayed that Nick and I would drive out safely to the hospital. I prayed that my dad would be alive. I prayed my heart out knowing that there was someone listening to me. The answer that came to me and continues to come to me since that day was, "Everything will be okay. Whether he lives or whether he dies, everything will be okay."

Joanne- Everything will be okay. I know that. Our Father knows that. Your family knows that. Just trust.

Love you


She Fell Into Our Laps...

Well guys.  The time has come. (Well about a month ago... actually, a month ago today to be exact).  But Andrew and I have become Dog people.  Yup! It's the truth! And we love it so much!
This is how it went down:
The week of November 10-19, Andy and I dog sat for my boss.  She has two little pugs and they were a lot of fun to look after.  My boss has them on a very strict schedule which includes 2 walks a day, treats for every occassion, and them sleeping right under the sheets with you!
Needless to say, after a week and a half, I was 100% not ready for a dog in my life!  It was just too much responsibility I guess! 
The night of the 20th we were out to dinner with Dave and Lara and we were talking about how dogs really are a time commitment and I flat out said I didn't want a dog for a couple more years!  After dinner we went over to their apartment to change to go the temple and as we were walking out to our cars, there was a girl there walking a little puppy.  A little Weimaraner to be exact...  Andy's dream dog to be exact... 
So Andrew strikes up a conversation and we come to find out that she is selling these little puppies for about $250 a pop.  So Andy said goodbye and just slowly walked away with his head hung low.  I told him he should at least go get the girls number and that we could think about it- That was all he needed to hear because before I finished my sentence, he had already ran after the girl!  (Come to find out, the girl was leaving for Montana the next morning so she needed to sell them that night... That placed a little bit more urgency on our deciding.)
Well, I didn't care either way (which is surprising because 45 minutes before I was pretty darn sure I didn't want one.  But I also knew that Andy has wanted that dog all of his life, so I think that's what helped soften my heart!) We went to the temple and had a great time and then afterwards we were walking out and we decided we were going to go through with becoming Dog People. 
We called the girl up, bargained a bit, drove down to some small little town close to Nephi, and picked up our cute little puppy! She was so scared the whole drive home and sat in Andy's lap and just shook all night long!
We spent the next day and a half trying to think of a name.  We wanted something to do with Alberta, Canada since that was where Andy and I met.  After a billion names thrown out there (like Wild Rose, Banff, Chinook, etc.(and clearly none of those would've worked!)) my mom finally texted me with the name of Albie.  We loved it, it fits her perfect, and it has stuck! And we are happy.

So here is to a long time ahead of us with our cute little pup!

Another Post About My Bestie…

I'm sure many of you (or the 2 people that read my blog) are sick of how I always put a plug in there about my Bestie. But when it comes to Besties, I think I have the very best one… just sayin.
Exhibit A:
  • I went on a cruise last week for work and I was so stressed out because our house looked like complete Pandamonium (you know… when a panda goes through the rooms and destroys everything in sight?? (Thanks Baz)). Well, the Panda had come and gone and left our house a complete disaster. Well Bestie knew this stressed me out and so when I arrived in Miami, I was greeted by a video message of him showing me our shining house in all of its clean glory! I cried. Just a little. But I cried.
Exhibit B:
  • While on said cruise, Bestie called my phone every day and left me a sweet message for me to listen to when I finally had service. It was quite tough to be gone from him and Albie for a whole week! But I guess if I had to be somewhere without them, the Western Caribbean is the place to be! J
Exhibit C:
  • So Wednesday I was home sick (I know, I know… I'm olways sick… it's as frustrating to me as it is to you to hear about it…) BUT, I was home sick and Andy had just gotten done with his finals. I sat on the couch looking like a dead zombie before he told me to turn on a movie and just relax. The Sandlot it was. I was knocked out on the ground within 4 minutes of watching said show only to be awakened 2 hours later after the movie was over. What was I awakened too you might ask? You guessed it! Bestie had cleaned our whole house again (and I'm talking about guest room, kitchen, front entryway, table, etc.) All he was waiting to do was for me to wake up so he could vacuum.
Question: Could Bestie get any better?! I really don't think so. PLUS, he took me on an awesome date last night to Bed, Bath, and Beyond where we frolicked through the aisles and spent some of our last wedding money while we pretended like we were on a Game Show! Oh happy day!