Wedding Video Business!

Hello Blogging World! :)  I am so horrible at blogging because I feel like my day-to-day stuff is all the same.  Wake up, go to work, come home, pretend like I will make dinner but then end up eating cereal or frozen corn dogs, get caught up on some house work, then go to bed.  (There... that was the re-cap of the past 3 months in one sentence!)

BUT, I am excited to announce that I am getting started in making Wedding Videos.  I am obsessed already and I am loving this new little hobby of mine! I convinced Andrew to help me along the way and now I am proud to say that we are both loving this new hobby.  (Filmed 2 AMAZING weddings this past week and I will begin editing them very shortly!)  I love being with and working with Andrew- it is so much fun!  It's fun to be around so many happy people and capturing the couples love on film- I think it helps Andrew and I appreciate each other more and remember our wedding day over a year ago.

With that being said, I would love it if any of you that read this blog could hop on over to my Facebook page to watch these Love Stories and maybe pass it on if you think it is good.  If you know of anyone that is getting married and are in the market for looking for a videographer- Andrew and I are your people! :)

(Blogger won't let me upload them here... so head on over to Facebook!)