1 Month... well 5 Weeks

Little Beau Man-

  I can't believe you are 5 weeks old! The time has gone too fast, but there are moments when the time freezes and I could relish in that moment forever.  I absolutely love how much you love to cuddle.  It makes my heart melt when I pick you up and you stop fussing... (Sure there are still the times that you fuss and I have no idea what is wrong! BUT, I love the times that your momma can comfort you!)
So just a little update on your life the past 5 weeks:

  • I took you in at your two week appointment and you were at 7 lbs. 7 oz.  Which means that you weren't near your birth weight.  (You were 7.15 at birth). This concerned your mom a little but the doctor didn't seem too concerned.  He told us to come back in two weeks to make sure you were gaining weight. At the month appointment you were up to 7 lbs. 14 oz. (so any genius can see that you were still under your birthweight!)  Now you had one concerned and sad momma on your hands!  It upset me to think that I couldn't give you enough to chunk you up- so the doctor recommended that I feed you and then give you 2 oz. of formula.  We started that last week and if my methods of weighing you are correct, you are up to 9 lbs. 3 oz in just 4 days!  In all honesty, I'm sad and feel defeated that I can't give you everything you need straight from me, but I'm so glad that you are able to get what you need with me and some formula.  I am trying my hardest to build up my milk supply- so hopefully one day we can go back to just me! (Although having a bottle and formula around every once in awhile is SO nice!)
  • Your poor little face has broken out so bad with baby acne- Apparently my hormones are going crazy in your little body! I've started wiping your face with a Norwex cloth two to three times a day and then wiping some breast milk on it- and your face is clearing right on up! (I post this more for my future needs than for yours, Beau!)
  • You still have one thick head of hair and it kills me! I styled it with gel last week for the first time and I loved it! We will definitely make sure we do that more often! 
  • One of my favorite things that you do is when you have been sucking on your soother and you spit it out while you are sleeping.  Then you continue to move your mouth like you have it in- suck, suck, suck- maybe you have found your tongue at that moment! It is so cute! 
  • I LOVE the sound of you sucking your soother! Your Dad recorded it the other day so we can continue to listen to it even as you get older! It seriously makes me so happy to hear that little sound! (Oh the little things... )
  • One of the sweetest moments I share with you is when I am feeding you and you take your small little hand and wrap it tightly around my finger.  You just hold on tight while you fill your belly.  Melt. My. Heart. 
  • I also love when I'm feeding you and you're wide awake and study your surroundings.  I just wonder what you are making of this whole situation and I also wonder who you are able to see! Today I had just finished feeding you and you sat back on the Boppy and just stared out the window and over my shoulder and just started smiling so big! Now this is a different smile than your "milk coma" smile, so I just have to assume that someone from the other side was pulling faces at you over my shoulder! 
  • You are starting to smile at your dad and me more often and we get so excited each and every time! I walked in the room the other day while you were laying on the floor and you looked up and gave me a huge smile! Whether you had just passed gas or you truly are starting to recognize me, it doesn't matter!  I will take whatever I can get!
  • Sleeping at night is getting better and better- you usually go 5 hours between feedings at night, which is GA-REAT for your momma! We started a bedtime routine so hopefully as you get more used to that, you will continue to sleep better and better! 
  • We went and checked out the Viewmont DayCare where you will be going in November and I felt so at piece with it.  I feel like there is such a negative view with day care (Just like there is a negative view with minivans!) so sometimes I get nervous to tell people that that is where you will be going.  But, on the other hand, I feel like that whole situation fell into place and I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason.  Both your dad and I are sad that we will have to leave you for part of the day, but we are happy that God has opened up a way for you to be watched my such caring, loving women.  
  • Your cousins all love you so dearly! Little Emery is a little jealous whenever Nanna or Papa hold you, but she is always excited to see you! You are still known by all the little kiddos as "Baby Beau" and I wonder how long that will stick! I love it so much! Your cousin Troy is obsessed with you and wants to hold you every chance he can get... until he gets distracted by the other kids and is then done with you! Can't blame the kid! There is always so much going on at our house!
  • You are my little work buddy- You just lay between me, the boppy, and the desk while I do work.  Like right now- you are Zonked out.  Thanks little buddy for letting me get some stuff done! :) 
  • I love your loooong, skinny legs right now.  You may be slow with gaining weight, but you were 22 1/2 inches long at your last appointment - in the 87% percentile! Long and skinny- that's just how your momma was when she was your age.  Then I Chubbed right on up- so I hope you follow in my footsteps! 
  • Your dad and I went and filmed our last wedding for awhile last week- that meant that we left you with our cousin Teya and her kids and then your Grammie- You did great which calmed my heart while I was away! Teya would send me pictures and it made me miss you so much- but I was glad that we could be out providing for our family!
  • One last thing- Since you have gotten pretty accustomed to the daily routine, I know whenever you will be tired and need a nap.  Whenever possible I try to set up camp and let you sleep on my chest while I work or read a book.  Oh. I never want that to end! You fall asleep within a matter of seconds and it is the greatest thing ever! So keep it up little Beau!
Little bug- you are the highlight of my life so far.  I can't think of life without you and I am so grateful that we get to spend eternity with you.  Thanks for helping me feel like my purpose on Earth is being fulfilled.  You are the cutest little bug in the world.  Thanks for being my little buddy! 

Love Momma