All Tucked In

November 21, 2011

So I have a dog. We have had her for a year now. (A year ago this past weekend is when we got her) She is a lovely dog who is hyper and loves jumping up on people. She also LOVES to jump up on to our bed at about 5:00 -7:00 in the AM. Let me tell you, this was cute the first night. The second night I got a little annoyed because she curled in a ball right in the middle of my legs. The third night I wanted to push her off but I was too tired and I didn’t want to push her onto her head! Night after night this happened. She is cute and all, but not at 5:30 in the morning!

Well, Albie has also gotten in the habit of cuddling with us at night while we settle down to sleep. She lays right in between us and is in heaven. The other night she was cuddled in between us underneath the covers. It soon became time for me to move her to her little bed at the foot of our bed. (Mind you she weighs about 65 lbs. and when she is tired she shows NO intention of moving herself, which results in me picking up all 65 lbs of dead weight and staggering to her bed.)

Well this particular night, I picked her up and layed her down on her bed. The thought crossed my mind that she was probably really warm under the covers with us, so she would probably like a blanket to sleep under on her bed. I went and got a comfy blanket and literally tucked her in... Andrew was trying so hard not to laugh because I really looked pathetic!

She was the cutest little thing all tucked in and we all went to bed happy. Well let me tell you, when 5:00 AM rolled around, no Albie. 5:30: no Albie! 6:00, 6:30, 7:00, 7:30: NO ALBIE! People! Turns out when I tuck my dog in at night she stays in her bed ALL NIGHT!! Oh how I love my little Alb-Master. This will become a nightly tradition here at the Curtis home!

(When I laid her down she kept her little arms like that... I didn't move them like that to go over the blanket... I'm not that weird...)

As of Lately...

November 17, 2011

Today I was at lunch with my friend Brooke- we were standing in line at the one and only Wendy's, intensely talking about how stressful our lives are. (Lots of very dramatic talking was occuring during this moment). I see out of the corner of my left eye the man in front of us turn around and just kind of stare (And when I say kind of, I mean a lot- he turned his whole body around and just sat there gazing... Awkward, no?) Brooke and I continue with our chatting and then out of nowhere I see said man lean in really close to us.

Brooke and I cautiously crane our heads towards his direction. He slyly leans in, lowers his voice, and says, "I can only say this since I am older than dirt, but you two girls are VERY pretty." and we said, "We know."... jokes, jokes. We graciously said "Thank you!" and then didn't know what to do after that... it just didn't seem right to just jump right back into our intense conversation so Brooke and I just kind of sat there smiling at each other in a "Wow that was nice of him, but this is awkward now" kind of smile... you all know what I'm talking about. What a nice man older than dirt! That just made my whole week, day, last 12 hour period.

I will forever remember this sweet man at Wendy's who wasn't afraid to share a compliment! :)

On to other things. I have written up the blog posts about Hawaii- they will come once I get around to attaching pictures to the posts. Who knows when that day will come. I know you are all DYING to see them! It's like the texts and phone calls requesting to see pictures never stop coming in... settle down people. This VERY pretty girl has a very busy schedule and I can't please all of you at once!

Yesterday I was expecting a FedEx package that had a couple CD's with pictures and music on it that I am doing a slideshow of. Andrew and I pulled up to our house to see little white pieces of this FedEX package torn to SHREDS scattered all across the driveway! I cautiously got out of the car to see what damage was done to the important contents... fail. CD's were torn to pieces as well. (Damn those cute little dogs! I left them all outside for the next two hours because I couldn't even stand to look at them... grumble, grumble) I was furious and all I wanted was a Costa Vida salad to drown my sorrows in... too bad a Costa Vida salad is 25 points on the Weight Watchers program... When I'm only given 29 points for the day, it's not even worth it to waste 25 points on something that will bring me such comfort... or is it?

Oh- I started Weight Watchers last Saturday. I can't believe how much I used to eat- just because I wanted to! It's also amazing how you can survive and feel full when you are eating healthy and controlling your portions! Who knew that all these years, those nutritionists were on to something!

I have a girls get together tonight with a bunch of girls from my high school- I am so excited to see everyone and to catch up in person rather than just stalking them online... I don't even know if I can remember how to talk to people without referring back to "Oh ya! I saw that on your April 2009 post on your blog!" I'm such a creep.... But I know all of you that are reading this are creeps too, so we are good.

Listening to Sara Barielles radio on Pandora. I'm in a good place right now.

Welp, That was this weeks edition of "As of Lately"! See you round these parts again soon!

Elise "Elo" Curtis IV