All Tucked In

November 21, 2011

So I have a dog. We have had her for a year now. (A year ago this past weekend is when we got her) She is a lovely dog who is hyper and loves jumping up on people. She also LOVES to jump up on to our bed at about 5:00 -7:00 in the AM. Let me tell you, this was cute the first night. The second night I got a little annoyed because she curled in a ball right in the middle of my legs. The third night I wanted to push her off but I was too tired and I didn’t want to push her onto her head! Night after night this happened. She is cute and all, but not at 5:30 in the morning!

Well, Albie has also gotten in the habit of cuddling with us at night while we settle down to sleep. She lays right in between us and is in heaven. The other night she was cuddled in between us underneath the covers. It soon became time for me to move her to her little bed at the foot of our bed. (Mind you she weighs about 65 lbs. and when she is tired she shows NO intention of moving herself, which results in me picking up all 65 lbs of dead weight and staggering to her bed.)

Well this particular night, I picked her up and layed her down on her bed. The thought crossed my mind that she was probably really warm under the covers with us, so she would probably like a blanket to sleep under on her bed. I went and got a comfy blanket and literally tucked her in... Andrew was trying so hard not to laugh because I really looked pathetic!

She was the cutest little thing all tucked in and we all went to bed happy. Well let me tell you, when 5:00 AM rolled around, no Albie. 5:30: no Albie! 6:00, 6:30, 7:00, 7:30: NO ALBIE! People! Turns out when I tuck my dog in at night she stays in her bed ALL NIGHT!! Oh how I love my little Alb-Master. This will become a nightly tradition here at the Curtis home!

(When I laid her down she kept her little arms like that... I didn't move them like that to go over the blanket... I'm not that weird...)

As of Lately...

November 17, 2011

Today I was at lunch with my friend Brooke- we were standing in line at the one and only Wendy's, intensely talking about how stressful our lives are. (Lots of very dramatic talking was occuring during this moment). I see out of the corner of my left eye the man in front of us turn around and just kind of stare (And when I say kind of, I mean a lot- he turned his whole body around and just sat there gazing... Awkward, no?) Brooke and I continue with our chatting and then out of nowhere I see said man lean in really close to us.

Brooke and I cautiously crane our heads towards his direction. He slyly leans in, lowers his voice, and says, "I can only say this since I am older than dirt, but you two girls are VERY pretty." and we said, "We know."... jokes, jokes. We graciously said "Thank you!" and then didn't know what to do after that... it just didn't seem right to just jump right back into our intense conversation so Brooke and I just kind of sat there smiling at each other in a "Wow that was nice of him, but this is awkward now" kind of smile... you all know what I'm talking about. What a nice man older than dirt! That just made my whole week, day, last 12 hour period.

I will forever remember this sweet man at Wendy's who wasn't afraid to share a compliment! :)

On to other things. I have written up the blog posts about Hawaii- they will come once I get around to attaching pictures to the posts. Who knows when that day will come. I know you are all DYING to see them! It's like the texts and phone calls requesting to see pictures never stop coming in... settle down people. This VERY pretty girl has a very busy schedule and I can't please all of you at once!

Yesterday I was expecting a FedEx package that had a couple CD's with pictures and music on it that I am doing a slideshow of. Andrew and I pulled up to our house to see little white pieces of this FedEX package torn to SHREDS scattered all across the driveway! I cautiously got out of the car to see what damage was done to the important contents... fail. CD's were torn to pieces as well. (Damn those cute little dogs! I left them all outside for the next two hours because I couldn't even stand to look at them... grumble, grumble) I was furious and all I wanted was a Costa Vida salad to drown my sorrows in... too bad a Costa Vida salad is 25 points on the Weight Watchers program... When I'm only given 29 points for the day, it's not even worth it to waste 25 points on something that will bring me such comfort... or is it?

Oh- I started Weight Watchers last Saturday. I can't believe how much I used to eat- just because I wanted to! It's also amazing how you can survive and feel full when you are eating healthy and controlling your portions! Who knew that all these years, those nutritionists were on to something!

I have a girls get together tonight with a bunch of girls from my high school- I am so excited to see everyone and to catch up in person rather than just stalking them online... I don't even know if I can remember how to talk to people without referring back to "Oh ya! I saw that on your April 2009 post on your blog!" I'm such a creep.... But I know all of you that are reading this are creeps too, so we are good.

Listening to Sara Barielles radio on Pandora. I'm in a good place right now.

Welp, That was this weeks edition of "As of Lately"! See you round these parts again soon!

Elise "Elo" Curtis IV

Hawaii- Here we come!!

Day by day, Hour by hour agenda completed?: Check
Reservations at some of the nicest hotels? (Courtesy of work): Check
Spa time reserved?: Check
Count down has begun?: Check and Check. 50 hours and counting until we are on the beaches of Hawaii!!
Excitement: Commenced about 2 weeks ago.
Aloha all of my Mainland friends!
See you in 10 days.

Flash Mob

Courtney's best friend Megan, who was their amazing photographer as well, had a dream a couple weeks before their wedding that all of Courtney and Skyler's close friends and family did a Flash Mob dance at their wedding. When Megan woke up she knew that she had to make her dream become a reality! The Sunday before their wedding, everyone got together while Courtney and Skyler were away and then practiced again after their wedding dinner the night before their wedding.
Courtney and Skyler were loving EVERY MINUTE of it! Can't wait to share their wedding video with you all- it was a wonderful day!

In a limo... on the way to Wendover

I have known Skyler since College and I have had the pleasure to get to know Courtney just recently and I have to say- they are one of the coolest couples around! We went out to the International Peace Gardens to film their Love Story and had a B.L.A.S.T.! They gave me so much to work with and I had a blast making their film. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Courtney + Skyler from Elise Curtis on Vimeo.

Second Vid

Jason and Lauren were so much fun to film. Lauren came to us telling us she didn't want the typical picture slideshow so we were able to explore and have fun with this video. Jason is a composer and I wanted to tie in a score of music to relate to him. (Hence the score of music and him playing the piano in the film). The weather cooperated for about 10 minutes while we were outside and then a huge wind/rain storm came blowing in. Luckily the people that owned the house with the cute porch let us come inside and use their ridiculously fabulous vintage front room. We had fun filming this one!

I figured it out!

I finally found out how to put videos on a blog... so here is the first one that Andy and I did.  I knew Brooke from EFY and when I found out she was getting married I tracked her down and asked if we could do a Love Story for her so we could practice.  Luckily the obliged and we had a great time!  The weather cooperated for about 45 minutes- just long enough for us to film this!
Hope you enjoy our first video!

Adam and Brooke from Elise Curtis on Vimeo.

Wedding Video Business!

Hello Blogging World! :)  I am so horrible at blogging because I feel like my day-to-day stuff is all the same.  Wake up, go to work, come home, pretend like I will make dinner but then end up eating cereal or frozen corn dogs, get caught up on some house work, then go to bed.  (There... that was the re-cap of the past 3 months in one sentence!)

BUT, I am excited to announce that I am getting started in making Wedding Videos.  I am obsessed already and I am loving this new little hobby of mine! I convinced Andrew to help me along the way and now I am proud to say that we are both loving this new hobby.  (Filmed 2 AMAZING weddings this past week and I will begin editing them very shortly!)  I love being with and working with Andrew- it is so much fun!  It's fun to be around so many happy people and capturing the couples love on film- I think it helps Andrew and I appreciate each other more and remember our wedding day over a year ago.

With that being said, I would love it if any of you that read this blog could hop on over to my Facebook page to watch these Love Stories and maybe pass it on if you think it is good.  If you know of anyone that is getting married and are in the market for looking for a videographer- Andrew and I are your people! :)

(Blogger won't let me upload them here... so head on over to Facebook!)


WTA Event

I had the opportunity in March to attend the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, California and the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami Florida. Both events turned out to be just great and I had a blast!  I especially enjoyed having Andrew around in California- It was the perfect way to spend our 1 year Wedding Anniversary! A free trip, free couples massage, and a good time = I love being married! :)
Here are a couple of the pictures!

Jeremy Lunt, Director of Canadian Field Development, and then Noelle and David Block
enjoying breakfast out on the patio!

The crew: we were able to have a tennis clinic with Chan Yung-jan and Barbora Zahlavova Strycova and then some other Tennis Pro's- Such a fun time!

I saw Brighty there! She was there with her family- so fun to see a
familiar face in Palm Springs, California!

Out do dinner at Cuistot- a really nice Italian restaurant

This was right when Andrew arrived- he looked like such a hottie that night! :)

Karaoke- definitely a must!

Timothy "Desert Storm" Bradley- 3rd Time World Boxing Champion

Andy thought he was able to lay by the pool all day... little did
he know he would be watching tennis all day!

I need a tan.

After we left Palm Springs we took a road trip to San Diego and went to Katie Nisbet's wedding- she looked gorgeous and it was so fun to be with the Chi Omega sister's for awhile!

Chi O lovin

Outside the Reception Center- such a beautiful place!
And I think Andy looks pretty good too!

Some beach on Coronado Island- before we had to go back to the airport

Liezl Huber- in California

On the plane ride home. I prefer flying with Andy rather
than by myself because then I can lay on his lap as I sleep!

These were in Florida at the tennis clinic we did- such a good time! 
It's Jade, the girl that helped me translate, Lucie Safarova, and Michelle Merriwether,
our Vice President of United States Field Development

Up at our Dessert Station bar- it was on the top of the hotel
by the pool and was just gorgeous!

If I had legs like Maria Sharipova I think I would be happy!

Us with Sam Stosur

Here are some random pics I thought I would throw in here!
Sienna and myself at my mom's birthday dinner

Christy Ellis, Lara Johnson, and myself at the mission reunion-
 just one happy family!

My Mijada, Kim Barnes- I think she is the sweetest girl in the whole world!

Well, that's what I have been up to! I now have a lot of baby showers and birthday parties to plan as well as filming several weddings and wedding interviews-
 I've got a busy couple of months ahead of me!

A New Struggle

I've been debating for a long time if I should write about what has been on my mind a lot lately. Especially on a public blog.  But I believe in the therapeutic advantages to writing things out and I hope that there will be someone out there that might understand or relate.
I thought when I first found out that my world was going to fall apart.  I cried and cried and Andy listened. Then I remembered the great Plan that my Heavenly Father has for all of His Children.  For the past couple of months, things have sunk in and our family continues to live it's daily life.  But recently, it really began to sink into a new level.
How could my parents be getting a divorce?
I've seen it happen to other people's parents, but I never thought it would happen to mine.  Now this divorce is a very different divorce than many that I have witnessed.  Let me explain why and I hope that through me writing this out, I will get some "personal" answers to why things like this happen to us in this life.
This August, our family will be remembering 6 years ago when my dad took a horrible fall up Little Cottonwood Canyon.  He was rock climbing with Craig, my older brother, and fell 50 feet and landed on the ground by my brother's feet.  This is when miracles unfolded.  On the climb just over from them, there was a group of climbers that were training for Snowbird Ski Resort -Ski Patrol.  Many of them were EMT's or retired Emergency Room doctors.  Luckily their phones worked and they were able to get Craig out of the way and take care of my dad.  He was life flighted to the LDS Hospital where he would end up spending a month and a half in recovery.
I remember Craig calling me and telling me that dad had fallen and that I needed to get Nick and get to the hospital as soon as possible. I hung up the phone with Craig and hit the floor crying.  Through the sobs of tears, I had a distinct impression to pray.  I crawled over to a bench in our office and said a very short but humble prayer.  The answer? "Everything will be okay. Whether he lives or dies, everything will be okay."  This gave me the courage to get Nick and to meet my family out at the hospital.
The next couple of weeks consisted of white hallways, hard chairs, and lots and lots of family and friends.  My dad was not the same person from the moment he hit the ground in the Canyon and he has continued to differ from the dad that was once mine.
My dad would have horrible "Mood Swings", if you will, while he was in the hospital. He didn't have his short term memory, so he didn't understand why he had to wear a neck brace.  Because of this he would try to take the neck brace off constantly which resulted in us having to tie his hands down to the bed.  Somedays he would be great and we would all laugh and share memories.  Other days he was downright awful and would yell and scream at the nurses who were just trying to help. He would have "obsessions" with different objects or scenarios each day- whether he felt there were mice all over him, everything he talked about related to airplanes, or he would treat everyone and every scenario as if he were giving a powerpoint presentation at work.
Our family has the great opportunity to have The Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives.  This brought us peace in a time of trial. I remember seeing some other families come out cursing God and getting mad at Him. Our family was firm in our faith of the Plan of Salvation and if our dad did die, that we would see him again.  This is one thing that I am grateful for- my testimony of God's plan for his children grew by leaps and bounds.
Throughout the past 6 years, I have become "used" to the dad that I have now.  He likes to spend time with himself whether it be hiking, gardening, or inventing something new around the house.  He has completely lost any emotional capabilities which has put a huge strain on my mom.  There hasn't been much of a relationship between the two of them for the past 6 years.  All of us kids became numb to the situation and just continued on with our lives.
This past November, I was helping my friend Andra move and we started talking about my parents.  She asked me if I ever thought my parents would get a divorce and I firmly said "No! My mom would never do it, so it won't happen".  Completely disregarding the fact that my dad, although mentally different, still had his free agency, or ability to choose.  The next morning I called my mom to see how she was and she couldn't stop crying.  She told me that my dad had told her the day before that he wanted a divorce.  We both lost it. How could I be so sure of something the night before and then to find out that the complete opposite was about to happen?
Well, it's now the beginning of April and I just barely went and saw my dad's "New" place above The Gateway Mall.  5 1/2 years ago my dad would have NEVER left his sanctuary of a house up in the mountains to move above the mall.  None of this seems real but at the same time it seems so real that it smacks me in the face sometimes.
My heart breaks for my mom because it's not like she has done anything horribly wrong, and neither has my dad.  He is just confused and sick.  This is so hard for me to write because I don't want anyone to think my dad is some horrible person for leaving his family.  Because he is not that person at all.  He just has a mental sickness caused by a horrible fall.
Sometimes I feel like I am "drowning" with everything that is going on around me.  I feel overwhelmed with my feelings of what is going on and it is leading to me being overly stressed with every other aspect in my life.  I struggle to have a desire to want to be productive in all aspects of my life.  I just never thought that this issue would affect me as badly as it has.  Like I said before, this is something that happens to other people.  Not me.  I'm stronger than letting something like this get me down.  This is what I am struggling with.
Last night my whole family (Minus Craig and Emily) stayed after Sunday dinner and played games for several hours- with my mom and dad- and I can't help but think, "Why can't it always be like this?".  But instead of my mom and dad going home together, my dad packed up his little cooler of ice that is his temporary refrigerator, and took off to downtown SLC. 
I think the thing that I need to walk away with most from this situation is this:
Life is so precious.  So so so precious.  Every second with your loved ones is precious.  In a matter of 5 seconds from when my dad was up on the climb and then when he was laying on the ground, my world has changed. We never know when we might not be able to see our loved ones again- we just need to live life to the fullest.
I don't know if this helped.  I still feel like I am drowning and I am on the verge of tears. But I hope that this can be the first step of healing.  Getting my feelings out there.  I feel very vulnerable right now with putting this out there.  I am strong.  But I feel so weak right now- especially knowing that in 2 seconds, my friends and family will be able to read about how I am struggling.
I guess I will never get anywhere in life if I don't take risks...

Making My Dreams Come True

I have a husband.  He is making my dreams come true.  

He believes in me.

He is supportive. 

He is pushing me to chase after those dreams.

I have a husband. And I love him. :)

It's Anniversary Week!

Yup- our Anniversary is this Saturday, March 12- I cannot believe that a whole year has gone by!  The time has gone so fast that it seems like just 2 months ago that we got married! To honor our great acheivement (in the world these days, one year is a great achievement!), we have dubbed this whole week, "Anniversary Week!"

What does this consist of you ask? Well, we have stayed up late watching movies, had an impromptu (sp?) sleepover at my mom's house last night, we are getting our hairs cut and colored today and so much more!  We are so lovey dovey this week and it is the best!  After we kiss, wake up, fall asleep, say goodbye on our way to work/school, we say those words:

"Happy Anniversary Week!" 

It is amazing to see how much kinder we are to each other and how much more patient we are. (Not like we are rude to each other all the other times outside of "Anniversary Week!",
but it does make a difference!)

Do you want to know what is even better about all of this?! We get to spend our Anniversary and the days following in Sunny California! I have to fly to Palm Springs, CA tomorrow for work and I'll be there until Monday.  Orginally I was just going to head down for work and then come back after I went to my big sister in Chi Omega's wedding in San Diego- and I was going to do this
all by my lonesome... over our anniversary. 

  But remember how I love my job and that I think I have the coolest boss in the world? Well, she overheard me say that it is our anniversary that weekend and she asked if Andy would be joining me... "um...Can he?" I asked.  Sure enough she told me that he for sure can come down, eat the food that we will be eating, attend the WTA Tennis Tournament down there with us and EVERYTHING else that we will be doing! We get to stay at the JW Marriott for three nights (Including a couples massage and dinner on the town) and then we get to drive to San Diego together to attend Katie's wedding and reception (So excited!)  AND THEN, the next day we are giong to the San Diego Zoo (a treat from my Grandad).  Basically, it will be a great Anniversary Trip for practically free!  I love Free stuff!
  So, that is where we will be heading off to! And the best part about all of it is that Anniverary Week get's to last until next Wednesday!

Yay for Anniversaries!

So there I was...

and the MOST AWKWARD moment met me in the aisle.

So you know how yesterday was Valentines Day, right? Well, I had to run to the store to grab some food and other things (uh-hem... lady sticks) to stock our house for this upcoming week.  While I was there (Smith's Marketplace), I decided to head over to the "intimates" section to see if I could find something cute to surprise my one and only with. 

I was in luck.  Buy 2 and get 1 free of some very adorable underwear (or as Victoria's Secret calls them... Panties... ew.)  I put them on the top of my already full basket, slid them to the side that was closest to me and walked away. 

I was on my way to buy Call of Duty: Black Ops for Andy (Can I get a high-five on being the best wife ever?! Videogames for Valentines??! I know. I'm cool.) ANYWAYS, I walked past the flower section where there were lines of guys waiting to buy last minute flowers for their special someone, walked past the self checkout and was almost safe in the electronics area. 

Didn't quite make it.

This boy that I went to high school with (Go Braves!) comes walking up to me.  (Let's keep in mind that I haven't seen this guy in awhile).  So he comes walking up to talk to me and all I can think about is the leopard print panties (...) sitting on the top of my food!  I grab the goods and try to slide them down inside the basket and out of site. 

Now this boy was NOT going to give up.  (Bless his heart).  He starts looking at all the food I got and pointing to things and commenting! I tried to hide "it" with my hand (which I think worked pretty darn good) and I was hoping he would not see it! But the pointing and commenting of food lasted far too long... or atleast it seemed like forever to me!

I started scooting back and tried to close the conversation as slyly as possible.  Eventually I was able to turn around and hurry my little bum into the electronics area.  Embarrasment written ALL over my face!

And this is why guys should never talk to girls from their past on Valentines Day in the store.

You're welcome.

Things you may or may not know about me...

  • I wear my same black slacks that I bought when I was in Grade 11... and no, I am not the same size as I was back then, so I've resorted to cutting little slits on the sides to let my lovely handles spill over just a bit.
  • I hate awkward bathroom moments at work- I wish they would just have music or something playing in there so I can feel comfortable to do my business!
  • I hate taking medicine (which includes vitamins and minerals) which makes it awkward when I'm sick at work (USANA HEALTH Sciences) and everyone asks me if I'm taking all of these different things... um no?
  • I hate falling asleep and not cuddling with Andy- luckily he is a cuddle bug too (or else he is just faking it) so that way I can stay warm all night long!
  • I LOVE chips. I crave the saltiness many times throughout the day.
  • I hate the thought of exercise but once I start doing it, I love it! (Is there a cure for that?)
  • Sometimes I eat cereal while I'm in the shower (it's a male Chilton tradition that for some reason I inherited and I have even taught my husband.) It saves time. I swear.
  • And sometimes I even pray in the mornings while I'm in the shower.  Whether it's an excuse to stay in the hot water for a little while longer, me being lazy, or my mind being able to be relaxed and focused during that time, I'm not sure.  But I like it... don't judge it until you've tried it.  
  • I wear the same grey skirt about 3 times a week because it's comfy and I love it.  The zipper is broken so I have to make sure I always wear long shirts to hide it.  Which is a bummer because it has a cute waist and I would love to be able to tuck some shirts in! Maybe when I'm domesticated...
  • I loved High School- GO BRAVES! My bestie Andra loved it there as well so both of our husbands always make fun of us... so sue us... 
  • I originally started to study Broadcast Journalism up at Utah State (best place ever) but then I realized that I hate watching the news because every story was too sad! So, I ended up going into Public Relations and in reality it was the most perfect major ever for me!
  • I love Canada so much. I can't express in words my love for this place.
  • I get a cup of Hot Chocolate almost everyday when I get to work... I know.  It will make me get fat.  But when it comes to Hot Chocolate, I will be fat and happy.
  • I got mad at Albie (our dog) the other night, took it out on Andy, pushed him, ran out the door and into my car and then went and binged ate at Wendy's.  .99 Spicy Chicken Nugs and a frosty made it good.  But when I came home from my EXTREME outburst, Andy was sitting on the couch waiting for me to come cuddle with him and to watch Modern Family.  I appreciate him knowing that I over react sometimes!! And that made it all better!
  • Oh and I HATE talking on the phone around other people.  This made it extremely hard when I was in the phone center at the Missionary Training Center and I hated talking to people about the church!  I ended up bringing in scriptures and I would try to memorize them while I was wasting time... It also makes it hard when I have to make a phone call at work and I wait until lunch when everyone is gone.  (I'm afraid I will sound stupid or make a mistake... which ties in with my last post!)  So I think I will end there.
There you have it! Part of me in 15 little bullets.
Until next time pals.

I Hate Mistakes

I read my friend Deeaura's blog the other day (She is so witty and fantastic and I want to be like her when it comes to blogging… maybe someday)… Anywho, her whole blog post focused on this little number:
"Attitude makes all the difference.  It really does.  Choosing to make the best of any moment is the turning point in every circumstance."
I would like to second her blog post and focus on attitude and choosing the best in any given circumstance. I have to say that from mid-November until Now, the world has thrown at me some VERY difficult circumstances. I feel like up until today I have chosen to make the best of the situation (that is after I cried several times and asked "Why?" in so many of those circumstances). Life is not easy and sometimes I just want to throw a plate at the wall because I didn't get all the French Toast that I wanted! (True story but it involved my older brother Craig and him almost pushing me down the stairs on a rolling chair because he was so mad…) but back to me just wanting to throw an adult temper tantrum…
I feel like I have been "blessed" or whatever you may call it with the ability to view things in a bigger picture. I don't know if it is something I learned on my mission (which I'm sure it had a big part in it), but I try to stay positive through a lot of things. (Granted there are still the times I mope in bed, cry when I have to say goodbye to someone, lose my temper at people that have wronged me, etc. etc.)
Even though I feel that I have this ability to stay strong in situations, sometimes I feel like I have just HIT A WALL! I feel like I'm about to break down and lose everything! I feel like I have too much on my plate and that I can't handle working full time, having a puppy, spending time with husband, family, friends, working out, trying to be good at my calling, feeling like I have to be a "crafty" woman that makes and bakes things all the time in order to fit in or be a good neighbor, being strong for myself or my family when all Hell breaks loose and the world we have come to know loses a big chunk out of it. Seriously… the list could go ON and ON.
And so it will…    
I hate it when people think less of me or that I know people don't like me. I try my hardest to make friends, keep friends, be a good co-worker, be a good daughter, niece, aunt, cousin, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, etc. etc. and I hate it when I screw up in any or all of those areas. I hate being dis-organized, but my desk at work and my house seem to always have a disaster brewing or even just skip the brewing and an all out blown out has occurred everywhere. I hate not looking cute, which leads to me studying the cute girls on fashion blogs or my friends pictures on Facebook and wondering how I can look more like them, I hate seeing my body and wondering why I can't be skinny with no fat on my knees or look cute in a pair of skinny jeans like so many others out there, I hate feeling like I don't measure up to a lot of people when it comes to the "wife" category- So what if I just want to eat Malt-o-Meal cereal for about every meal?? (Bless Andrew's heart because he doesn't mind…and I guess that's all that matters!) I hate it when I make a mistake at work and then I have to work to make it all better. I hate it when life gets the best of me and I break down and loose it all. I just hate mistakes.
I hate mistakes.
That is me in a nutshell and I had to write this whole novel in order for me to realize it. (It's true what they say: this writing stuff = good time therapy)
I want to succeed in videography, event planning, being a wife, someday being a mother, being crafty, being a super good cook, being a good sister, etc. I WANT all of these things but my biggest fear is that I will make mistakes! That feeling you get when you know you didn't succeed in what you were trying to do is one of my biggest fears. I don't want to fail.
Back to what Deeaura said,
"Attitude makes all the difference. It really does. Choosing to make the best of any moment is the turning point in every circumstance."

I read this weekly blog up date by Kendi from Kendieveryday and it is about her's and her husband's quest to start their own business. This was from the last week's entry:

"The best thing I can do is believe wholeheartedly in my business.
The best thing I can do is believe in my abilities, even one's I've yet to discover.
The best thing I can do is back up my idea with action, and believing in each task.
The best thing I can do is to believe, even without seeing our idea completed.
So here is to believing until I am able to see, and no matter what I see still believing there after."
I think she sums up this mess of words I have created. The best thing I can do is believe in myself and continue on. Yes, there will be bumps in the road. Yes I will be frustrated with my imperfections and mistakes. And Yes, I will choose to make the best of any moment and that will be the turning point in my every circumstance.

a list of Exhibits

Exhibit A).  I am at work.  I am working hard.  I am trying to figure out everything for an upcoming event I am doing. 
Exhibit B).  I am working with this great vendor (Lee Cassity) and he has helped me find some great gifts that we can give out.  I tell this Lee character that I will have to pass him on to this other woman I work with to figure out the cost, amounts, etc.
Exhibit C).  I email both Lee and this woman.  I give each other their contact information.  In Lee's email (thinking I was sending it to JUST Lee... not to woman), I warned Lee that this lady is kind of "possessive" of her job and she doesn't like anyone stepping on her toes.  While I was typing that email I thought to myself, "Wouldn't that be bad if I accidentaly sent it to her"?
Exhibit D). I sent it to her. 
Exhibit E).  She emails me back and says "Thanks for the warning". 
Exhibit F).  I'm locking myself in my house and not talking to anyone except for Albie and Andrew for the next 5-7 days.

Goodbye 2010!

I admit.  2010 was probably one of the best years of my life.  I've had several years that came close (2004, 2006, and 2007) but none of them have been as good as this one has!  I just feel so fortunate to have the life I do and all in all, God's been good to me this year! We were blessed with a great AMAZING job, got married, found an awesome home, got a puppy, took vacations to great places with Andy, and just had a great year all together!
I don't have tons of pictures... which is weird because in high school and college there was a camera attached to my thumb and pointer finger.
I WANT to take more pictures, but I always seem to forget I have a camera, or I'm just too lazy to get it out!  (Maybe that should be my 2011 New Years Resolution... STOP BEING LAZY!)

(Sidenote: Now that I have done this post I realized how long it was due to the pictures… so maybe I do take enough?? J)

Husband and I got married on March 12, 2010 - great day in the life of mine!

We had a dream honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico. We stayed at the
JW Marriott in Cancun- so lovely

My messy hair in this picture reminded me this:
 The metal detector went off when I was in the airport because I had so many bobby pins in my hair from the wedding day! ha

Moved into our new house…

Jokes, jokes… This is only a dream home!
We attended the Parade of Homes and Andy was in Architectural Heaven!
Maybe someday we can have this beaut!

This is the only picture I have of our house and it's of the corner of our bedroom Awkward??

Got that mirror at Ikea for $60… I'm such a bargain shopper!
I also am going to get a cool pot and branches for the other corner…
BUT I want to get drapes for that window and I'm not sure what color to do… suggestions??

We attended LOTS of Demolition Derby's! Then yours truly surprised Andy with his own truck to derby in Logan for his very first time.
(I worked closely with Andy's bestie Dev and he built the truck and everything- then we took him to the shop and surprised him on the day of the derby.
It went off without a hitch and he had no idea! I was so happy it turned out and I was so proud of him for how he did that night!)

Right after Andy found out that was his truck- He was so so excited!

Went to the Tim McGraw concert, Dave Matthews Band, and the Brad Paisley concert all at the USANA Amphitheater!
Lufed each one of the concerts so much!

Andy's bestie Dev just got engaged to Kaylee- Whoop whoop!  

Hiked to Donut Falls and went fishing up by Brighton ski resort

Had a rockin mission reunion! This is a sisters picture- CCM baby!

We went to South Carolina to visit Craig, Emily, and Judah in October. It was fabulous to say the least.
Andy caught 2 sting ray AND a crab- he's such an animal!

Went to the Jazz game and sat in a suite… we felt legit.
Please don't mind my freakishly long arm in the right picture- It gets in the way at the most awkward times

(Elise: Stop doing the kissy face.  Thanks and you're welcome)
We stayed at the Zermott up in Midway, UT to check it out for work.
We were treated the best and we were even welcomed with a plate of fruit, cheese, and crackers!
As you can see, we thought it was pretty cool! haha

Went to Lindy Kyle's (friend from Canada) bridal shower and then rang in the New Year with her and her new Hubby!
They had a dance party and I felt like I was 18 years old again- L.O.V.E. DANCING! Andy didn't know what to do with me- he's never seen me dance the night away.
He's missing out.

I'm excited to see what 2011 has to bring!
I want to focus on our finances, not gossiping or talking bad about myself or others, focus on spousal time with Andrew, and just enjoy every day!
Can't wait to see what comes!

Happy New Years everyone!

(Oh and my birthday happened right before New Years- I will cover that amazing day in another post!)