S.O.'s, Lagoon, and Preston Derby!

A couple weeks ago, Andy and I had the greatest time with Dave and Lara! This is the follow up post to the "Friday Night Lights" post a couple weeks ago (Just FYI!)  The Johnson's were our first official guests and it was so much fun! We stayed up far later than we wanted to, Dave and Andy got up in the morning (like 6:30) to go help this old man in my ward to yard work, they came back and we made a huge breakfast! My bestie loves to make breakfast food and he is GOOD at it! SO Good! So we ate that, cleaned up and headed off to the greatest place ever... yup! You guessed it! LAGOON!! :) haha- there are some nice rides, but it still quite ghetto- but it was an adventure!
Stupidest Haunted House ever! haha- But it scared me real bad when I was little!
In the Haunted House
Both of those were on the sky ride- my bestie is so intense... :)
The happy couples!

Andy was so sick- those are his arms draped over the edge...
The Musical Express where tears are shed and drool is flying! haha- if you look really closely you can see Dave and Andy in the back feeling VERY sick after Colossus- They are right above my head!

Any EFY'ers will know what this is!
Dave is scared of heights so this was a big step for him! ;)

Alright- so Lara and I needed to use the restroom before we started our journey up to Preston, ID so we asked one of the security guards.  This girl was so chipper and in her exact words, she said, "You will go past the Lucky Duck, take a sharp right at the Lady Bug Bop, continue down straight and the restrooms will be on your right."  You know those times when you wonder if someone was joking as they told you something?? Well that was definitely one of those times!! BAH

We went on all the big roller coasters and by about 4:00, all of us were so sick to our stomachs, and Andy, Dave, and myself all blacked out on the Colossus so we decided we had to call it a day! The new Wicked ride there is a blast and I recommend it to everyone!! Luckily it wasn't super crowded so we were able to go on all of the rides we wanted to!
After that, we headed up to the Preston, Idaho Demolition Derby! This was BY FAR the best one yet! So many cars were flipped and cars were flying everywhere, but the best part of all of it was that the Happy Hands Club REALLY DID PERFORM!!! THE Happy Hands Club- From Napolean Dynamite! They performed for about 20 minutes- just sign languaging away! It was a glorious moment for me! Ha Ha
This was about 1 minute into the first heat- the red car was flipped right over! The crowd went wild!
Some of Andy's people down in the action
The beginning of the Happy Hands Club... I was in shock!
I don't think the girls on the end made the cut- maybe they were apart of the
Critiquing Company! (In honor of Karly!) 
They even have shirts with a legit sign language sign! :)
Andy took Dave down to the pit and showed him all around- Dave was pretty excited to be there!!
That was Dave's first Derby and I think loved it! We are recruiting a bunch of people to come to the Ogden Truck Derby this weekend - I guess they have fireworks and everything to celebrate the 4th! I can't wait!

And this was a random picture from the aerospace museum a couple weeks ago... it was the only appropriate one that I could post!! ;)

Good Things to Come

oh ya! I graduated!

I just saw one of my graduation pictures from my camera and I remembered that I never posted them!! This is HUGE!! I finally finished! I did it! I am done with school forever!! Until I go back to Insititute to learn how to be a better teacher and then I will accomplish my dream of being a teacher at EFY! YAY! (Which by the way, I drove through Salt Lake Community College yesterday to pick up Andy and there were all the EFY groups preparing their cheers in their cute little EFY shirt and I wanted to cry! I need that in my life!! ) ANYWHO...
 So May 7, 2010 is when I officially walked to pick up my beautiful red diploma! I was able next to two of my besties that I met at the University of Utah and it was such amazing closure!! I offically finished school last December but didn't walk until May and I'm SO glad I walked! It seriously made it seem so real!
So here are some pics of the day... my mom has more on her computer so I will have to steal them at some point! Here ya'r:

Jessi Henrie- Best Woman of my Life!
Megan Cofield and Jessi- Megan and I made some of the best films Video Production has seen to this day! "Bowlcuts and Boondoggles" will go down in history!
I think this was right as they were telling us that we were the Class of 2010- I wanted to chuck my hat in the air, but I don't think the U condones that very much!
Right before we got the red diploma holder- we were on the floor... we are legit! :)
and my dear Michelle was walking in as I was walking out!! What a neat surprise that was! Love this girl so so much!

So some people may be wondering why I was wearing a lei.. well, let me tell you.  My Grammie grew up in Hawaii and Hawaii was in her blood, and I believe it has trickled down to mine! At my High School graduation I had a lei on just like this one that my parents bought me. 
As I was walking in to graduate from the University, we saw them again- I wanted one so bad! So we got it and I went over and had my Grandad put it on over my head.  I told him that it was in memory of Grammie and he most graciously accepted his role as representing both him and my Grammie on that day.  I know that my Grammie has followed me throughout my life- on my mission, in school, at my wedding, and I know she was there as I graduated from the same school her and my Grandad graduated from many years ago. 
She was the most amazing woman and I hope that I can be even a small portion of who she was.  Love you Grammie!

Friday Night Lights

Why is it that everytime Andy and I move, we start to move at like 10:30- 11:00 at night? Everytime we drive up to our driveway, I start dreading all of our stuff that we have to move! It looks like it is overflowing in every direction- similar to the picture below! haha- except that we don't have shady men guarding our truck as we move our stuff!
Oh well- everytime we get stuff in, I just take a step back and Andy and I start feeling so incredibly grateful for everything everyone gave us for our wedding.  Seriously- we were hooked up in every single department and we are not hurting for one single thing! Thank you to everyone that has helped us start our life out together!
On Friday, we ended up driving up to Logan to go pick up our amazing chocolate brown, micro fiber, very comfortable couch that my amazing cousins, Troy and Andrea so generously gave to us! So we drove up, packed up that, some side tables, and the rest of our junk from Logan and hit the road... at 9:45. 
What does that mean?
We don't get home until 11:00! How did this happen??! So we start unloading everything and we finally get the couch upstairs and it's such a sigh of relief! :)
Luckily we were waiting for Dave and Lara to come have an S.O. (Sleepover) so we stayed up and put everything away and got everything set for our first official guests! And boy was it fun!
Andy and I LOVE to be hosts and we would love to host anyone anytime! Just call and we will answer! :)

Game 7

I luf spending time with my family. I luf watching Basketball.  I luf pizza and salad.  So needless to say I lufed everything about Game 7 except for the fact that the Lakers won... But I did appreciate Artest's shout out to his psyciatrist- real classy! :)

Wednesday- Ute Action

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010
(I got a little behind in blogging our June Jigglers- but that's the story of my life when it comes to journal writing!)
Tonight Andrew and I spent a lot of time up at the good ol University of Utah library! It brought back bitter sweet moments, but all in all, I am happy I am not in school anymore! :) I have paid my time! So why were we up there you ask? Well, the amazing person that I am, needed to finish this wedding video that I shot last August. 
 It was my first one- I gave them a killer deal- but it has kind of been the bain of my existence!
ONLY because I have been so busy this past year!
Started dating someone, fell in love SO fast :), got engaged, graduated school, moved to Logan, moved back to SLC, got a full time job, got married, lived in two places for 3 months, and moved into a new home- to say the least, time has slipped RIGHT through my fingers!

  So I told this couple last summer that I wouldn't have the video complete in 6 months (because that's what other videographers say- to play it safe, so I thought I would too. And Boy am I glad I did!) I got it to them on January 1st- so I guess only 5 months after...
I spent much of my time up at the U of U library over Christmas break!!
  So I gave it to them and thought I was done with it, but they wanted me to add something in for them- they asked me about one week before I got married, so I promised I would get it to them once life slowed down- Well, life didn't slow down until last week.  I forced myself to the library and got it done in a quick time actually!
  Luckily John "the man" Henrie was working tonight otherwise I wouldn't have gotten a guest pass to use the computer! But I did, finished the video, and made 6 copies of it to give to them.
 Moral of the story- sometimes things are a great opportunity, but I need to learn to make sure I don't over-do myself sometimes! I want to do wedding videos at some point, this experience was so good for me to learn what works and what doesn't, but I've realized that this will be a hobby I will pursue down the road... along with so many other things!

Oh... and the last post was short lived... :)


Andy came and spent time at the USANA Gym today with me! Well, I was in a class on the basketball court while he was lifting weights, but then again, we were both exercising

Something we haven't done in a long time together...

So I am going to count it as a big accomplishment! 

And right after that we raced home and I cooked a pizza in the oven... Canceling out our previous activity! So we are even now! :)

But in all reality- I have always been someone that has struggled with my weight and body image- Ask Andy- he is my number one witness! But ever since I have started working out a week and a half ago, my whole perspective on my body image is changing! 

(Sure I still notice where the chub is hangin' on to the grub) 

BUT, I just feel so good about myself because I know that I am exercising this great body that has been given to me! So when I go home and maybe I don't eat the greatest things... I DONT CARE! And I have come to find out that because I am exercising and feeling better about myself, I don't want to eat a bunch of junk food... all in all, I feel like I am jumping over a M.A.J.O.R. hurdle in my life...

Let's hope it sticks!

First time shopping together

We figured for Monday's June Jiggler, we would most defintaly count shopping! We headed over to Target (After saying goodbye to Andra- hope she has fun in San Fran!) and walked up and down every aisle as we decided what we wanted to buy.  This is so big for us because we have never been grocery shopping together and we have been married for 3 months and 2 days! Also this is big because neither of us had really been grocery shopping since our mission! WE are so grown up now!
We came home, put everything away, sat down and watched TV (Cake boss! Holla!! Love it when cable is included in our HOA! = ENDLESS TLC!) while we enjoyed some cereal and yogurt. 
 I realized this morning that even though we bought a bunch of stuff, it really doesn't seem like we bought anything! I guess that's how it will be for awhile!! We just need to continue to get the basics!!
But once again, it was a very peaceful night (except for my scary dream that woke me up), and it was so fun to be in our place just the two of us! Yay for being on our own!!

Sunday Eve- June Jiggla

Sunday eve:
First night we slept in our new home. 
Messy apartment. Boxes everywhere.
Love life! :)

How to Stay Positive

I would like a mini me of her please.

Saturday=High School Rewind Day

June Jiggler for June 12 = 
So, USANA Health Sciences was having their employee Lagoon day on Saturday, but because of extreme weather conditions, the day was canceled.  Lara and Dave had driven up to join us at Lagoon "It's What Fun Is", but we would've froze our butts off if we stayed! So with a full day of nothing in front of us, we decided to have a High School summer day- It was so fun to just relax and do pretty much nothing!
First Stop: The Gateway Mall- we split up and Lara and I spent about 1 hour in Forever 21 feeling young again! haha- I could spend so much money there! We both walked away with some great finds!
We met up with the boys and we were all starving- so where do high school kids eat when you have no money?? The food court! Good times- we sat by a ride called the "Mushroom Adventure" or something like that... we aren't sure what kind of message that is spreading to the children! ha
We stopped by the Clark Planetarium where the boys were less than impressed but did have some fun being adventurous in picture taking! baha.
After that we went and watched The Gaurdian- such a good movie, but made me so stressed out! I don't deal well with movies like that! haha- we scarfed down brownies and then went and got Papa Murphy's pizza and cooked it up while we watched Hoosiers and Lara and I painted our nails at Lara's parent's house.  We finished the night off at Smith's Marketplace falling asleep in recliner's and hammocks and enjoying the best High School Rewind day of our lives! A completely pointless day that led to lots of fun!!

Friday=Cheesecake FUN!

Our good friends Dave and Lara treated us to a night out on the town! We all went to Cheesecake Factory and divulged in every good thing there! I love that place- huge portions=left overs for the next day! It really was so fun to be with them.  I can't imagine another perfect couple to hang out with because one of the biggest things in our lives (mission) we all have in common! It's not like we sit around and talk about CANADA all the time, but we just have that bond... you know??
After dinner we took Dave and Lara back to our house and showed them where their guest room will be! :)

Thursday June Jiggler

Wow- I have to do a good update- I fell behind! On Thursday, we took a midnight train to Georgia! Not literally of course, but that was the song that was stuck in my head all night during our adventure! So on Thursday night, Andy helped an older man in my ward move branches and he didn't get done until about 8:00 and then we wanted to move down our bed, TV, and Table- seems like an easy task right?? Well, at about 9:30 we made the trek down with my bed and some chairs to our table.  Unloaded that, set it up, and then drove back home.  My dad was SET on us moving the TV and Table that night too- problem was was that it was about 11:15 when we finally got the stuff in the truck, then we had to drive it down, and then unload it. It took about another hour for us to unload that stuff and set it up-
  The TV was so big, but I'm impressed because we walked away with only a couple scratches on the wall! Moral of the story=Don't let my dad pressure you into doing things at 11:00 at night because then you don't go to bed until 1:00!

Movin and Shmoozin

June 9th, 2010
Today we started to move all of our kitchen stuff in! It is so exciting to finally be opening up all the wedding gifts we got! Man- we were spoiled rotten at our wedding and we are so grateful! Most of our carpet got put in last night and it is GORG if I don't mind saying myself! It's so thick and soft to the feet... mmm mmm good!
And we have to give a huge big shout out to mi madre (who will never read this, but it's the thought that counts) who has painted nearly every room! I mean it's been a team effort, but she has been there in the wee hours to let the carpet guy in to walking around the house with a little paint brush perfecting every little corner! Thanks mom for helping us out right now!
We haven't taken too many pictures because our camera card is acting weird right now, but here are a few of us painting before the carpet came...
These first two are of our kitchen and stairs coming up to our place...

This one is our great red wall in our bedroom!

This is where our TV will go! IT will fit just perfect!  And the ugly blue/gray carpet is gone!! Yippee!!
I will put more pictures on here as we start getting everything settled in!

Paces Dairy Ann

June Jiggler- June 8th, 2010
Last night I introduced Andy to this little beauty:

Yup! Paces Dairy Ann! This is the home to the famous Rainbow slushies, amazing shakes, and cheap but amazing food! We treated ourselves to shakes and some other greasy food- tasted good then, but I didn't feel so hot this morning when I woke up! :) Here's to Pace's!

One other thing- so this week Andrew and I set goals that we wanted to accomplish- one of mine was to work out 3 times this week- luckily for me, I have the most amazing job in the world and we have a full on gym, basketball court, and free aerobics classes just 100 steps away from my desk!  So I thought I should take full advantage of this opportunity and go to some of the aerobics classes. 
First day- CrossFit- Description:  CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.  I thought- "Sure I haven't worked out in 3 months, but what the heck, I will give it a try!"  So I did. I really should have given it a second thought when it said that many police academies and operations teams and military special operations use this program! HA!  That night=me starting to not be able to walk, but still feeling pretty good.
  So yesterday (Tuesday) I decided to go to a Turbo Kick class- just like the class that I used to go to at Gold's Gym- This class KICKED my butt! About 20 minutes after the class was done, my body froze up! This morning I woke up and felt like I was paralyzed, I walk like I have a couple things up the you know where, and I sit down like a pregnant woman! Moral of the story = don't ever go 3 months again without working out! And of course I have to go to CrossFit again today because if Mike on the Biggest Loser who weighed 530 pounds never gave up, I can't give up either!


June Jiggler- June 7th, 2010
Tonight we had our First Official Family Home Evening!! We have done little things on Monday to make it different than other nights, but tonight we dubbed it as Official Family Home Evening- So great things were in store!
Anything great in this life starts out at the Cowboy Grub! This is the restaurant I worked at last year and absolutely loved it! Loved the people, loved the atmosphere, and loved the food! Just a great family friendly restaurant if you ask me! And any place with this mural on the front door is a winner in my book!
After that we drove down to Temple Square- I know... typical FHE in Utah.  But we went with a purpose! A) It was our first time back since we got married there and it was so great! We saw several brides and grooms getting pics taken and we just sat and reminiced about the good ol days! It was a gorgeous night also, so that was a plus!  After we sat outside and admired the gorgeous landscaping, we headed into the South Visitors Center where a new replica of the temple is up for display.  The purpose of it is to help members who have not gone into the temple for a long time, are less active, etc. see inside it and hopefully prompt them to come again (that's what Elder Hinckley said at the unveiling of it).  It is also really cool for non-members to see it too. 
the model was made by non-members in Toronto, Canada (holla!)  The church sent them pictures of every room and they made everything to the correct scale- even the murals are perfectly how they are in the temple! So cool! I also never knew that there was a huge assembly hall above the Celestial Room- very neat.  Andy and I both sat and focused on the peaceful feeling we had while we were there- it's nice to step away from the world sometimes and just relax and focus on what really matters.
After that we drove through the hills of Bountiful and creepily took pictures of the most amazing houses!! Andy is going into Architecture, so he was loving life while looking at all these million dollar homes- Very cool!  To top the night off, we saw the most beautiful sunset and then went home and watched Mountain of the Lord.  The best FOFHE ever!

Sunday Walks

Yesterday- June 6th- was the best night to go on a walk! It was the first time Andy and I walked around the temple since last summer, and it was the second time we had been there since he proposed to me! We were at dinner at the Grandpops house and the most amazing thunder and lightening storm came blowing in! So on our way back into Bountiful, Andy and I sat in the back seat like little school children watching the lightening crack and the thunder boom! :)
Once we got home, Andsy pants and I went down for a walk around the Bountiful Temple.  The temperature was perfect and a little humid becase of the storm- just wonderful for two love sick people! :) haha.  I really do love walking around the temple- one of my most favorite things to do.  I hope I can do it until I am 98 years old!! I was grateful that our June Jiggler for the day was surrounding the temple- really put things into perspective for us!
And this picture is pretty much the same one that I stole out of my first apartment of my first area on the mission- this is what I missed for 1 1/2 years- pure bliss with that sunset in the background!

Great Treasures!

On Day 3 of the J Squared, Andrew and I found ourselves out at the Bountiful City Dump.  Why you ask?  Because we had been tearing out carpet from sun up till sun down and it was time to drop off the old cat stained remains of ugly carpet that was found in our apartment when we found it! Hallelujah! Our new carpet comes this Wednesday and we could not be more excited to move into our little love shack! :)
Best part of the day was:
A)- it was my first time to the dump and I was educated on how the dump works! I always thought that it was just a huge pile of waste- which it is, but it is actually covered up by dirt and has grass growing on it! Interesting... not like I love the dump or anything but I thought it was interesting... that's all I'm going to say about that!
B)- While we were dumping the carpet the first time, there was a little boy that had come with his father- he had made his way across the dump and had an old plastic shovel in one hand and was reaching down to pick something else up.   He yells in his most enthusiasic and serious voice, "DAD! THERE ARE SOME GREAT TREASURES OUT HERE!! AND THEY DON'T EVEN SMELL THAT BAD!!"  hahaha- the dad kept trying to get him to stop and get out of the trash pile, but he was loving life too much!
Have fun with that one pops!
Here is to June 5th and the June Jiggler!

June 4th JUNE JIGGLER!!!

So a couple weeks ago, Andy and I ran in a 5k race to support Brain Injury Research- I did worse than I did last year, but that's besides the point! At the beginning of the race my dad bought a bunch of raffle tickets and brought them over to us.  You could tell my mom was less than happy to see all the tickets because none of us ever win anything from a raffle (except for once I won pictures of the cruise boat we were on for our senior trip! HOLLA!)  Anyways- we ran the race, stayed at the finish line and waited for the raffle to begin.  After about 8 minutes my mom was complaining that we never win anything and all of a sudden one of Andy's ticket numbers were called! Woo Hoo! We didn't hear what it was that we won so he took a quick jont over to the prize table and I see him walking towards us laughing so hard... what did he get you asked?? Exactly- it was the best prize ever:
Yup- a Printing calculator- with 12 rolls of paper!! We were ecstatic to say the least!! haha- atleast we won- then about 10 minutes later my mom's number was called- a free haircut and shampoo from a high end salon. So cool! We were on a roll! now I just needed to win something... 5 minutes later, my name is called and it is for season tickets to Rodgers Memorial Theater! So cool! We made out of that raffle like bandits- bought $25 worth of tickets and walked away with $200 worth of stuff! Congrats to us! :)
So this brings me to my June Jiggler- Friday was the showing of Steel Magnolias at the Theater- so Andy and I decided that would be our J squared for the day- I don't know if anyone has ever seen the show- but it is 100% for a girl- so Andy was pretty bored! But he was glad to be there with me! :)
After that we decided that we wanted shakes from Sonic- one problem was that we didn't know where one was! I figured there would be one up in Layton so we drove to Layton only to find that that one was shut down! We figured we had already driven so far, so driving to Clearfield to find one wouldn't be too bad- drove all around and couldn't find it.  Riverdale was our next stop and we drove up and down the road only to find that that one had been shut down too! (But we did find a bar called Teazers that apparently Andy helped builed several years ago! What a champ!) Long story short, we ended up at a Village Inn 1 hour away from my house at 12:00 at night! What an adventure it was for two old married people!! haha

A caeke

So I went to a wedding a couple weeks  ago and saw this cool wedding cake- It looked way simple so I thought I would try to make one for my cousins baby shower!
I am 99% sure that I want to take a cake decorating class at Michael's at some point so I can start making them for weddings, showers, birthday parties, etc! If anyone wants to do it with me... I am up for it!

Here is the one from the wedding- it was adorable and totally fit the theme of their wedding!!

Here is my cake- NOTHING IN COMPARISON!!! haha- I only wanted to do two layers and I didn't buy enough cookies to put around the bottom, so I spiced it up with the bow! It looked a lot cuter in person! :) But it tasted delicious and I think that is all that matters!


So 4 years ago, I lived in Hawaii.  I had the greatest time out there and met the greatest people! One of them being my roommate Shellie.  Shellie is from Centerville and went to Viewmont so we knew some of the same people.  Shellie became one of my best friends! As the end of our time was fast approaching, we decided that we were going to take on a huge task of amazingness.  This task you ask?
April Wahoo
We decided that for the whole month of April, we were going to do something new everyday and document it! We made a list of things we wanted to do: eat pineapple from a pineapple stand, ride the bus around the whole island (may sound totally stupid, but you meet the most amazing people- half which are from LA... shout out to baz and leslie...), dance in the rain, go snorkeling, go surfing, and so on and so on. This list of ours was quite long, but we were determined to accomplish everything on that list! What came of this you ask?? A copius amount of fun in April!! Some of the greatest memories I will ever have! And all with my bestie Shellie.

So I was driving in the car yesterday (June 3rd) and I decided that i was going to do that again this month but with my new bestie- Andrew! What a brilliant idea! I thought... I can call it the
June... Jiggler! It just came to me and I like it... So you will be getting a daily (hopefully!) update on this June Jiggler and what is going on!

Task Numero Uno:
(I'm actually going to document three pictures from last night because all of them were monumental in our book!)

Andrew eating cake without milk... he usually eats it in a bowl of milk-
 you can tell by his face that he hates it! :)

Andrew is growing in his first sideburn!! You can't see it super good- but it's there! YAY ANGE! 
But... it's only on the left side.  Maybe in another 5 years he will grow one on the right! :)

I think Andy will be embarrassed that I put this on there- but this was our main June Jiggler! Yes- we did nose strips! It was great! He didn't think any other guys ever do this, but I convinced him that they do so we were finally able to get a picture! Success!!