The First Day

Today is the First Day.

The First day that you went to School. A.K.A. DayCare

The First day that I went back to work full time after having you.

The First day that we listened to NSYNC the whole way down the hill to cheer up your Momma.

The First day that it took everything in me to keep myself pulled together as we spoke with your DayCare leaders.

The First day that I dropped you off with "strangers".

The First day your dad held me outside the doors of Viewmont to let me cry on his shoulder.

The First day that I went to Keva Juice to drink my sorrows away.

The First day that I cried the whole way to work.

The First day of my "new" life and the commitment to work as hard as I can so that we can enjoy every moment we do have together.

The First day of realizing how much my little Beau man has become apart of me.

Beau- Please know that I love you.  It makes me scared and sad to think about your first reaction to waking up at the DayCare to faces that you don't know.  I hope you know that those people are there to love you and take care of you while your mom and dad are doing everything we can to provide for you.  Please stay strong and be a happy boy while I am away and know that when I come to pick you up at 4:00, we will have many adventures ahead of us.

Good luck on your First day my little man.