House to become a home

Well- If any of you have followed my status's on Facebook, you will see that Mr. Curtis and myself have just recently purchased a house! (It's a condo- not a full on house! Just FYI!)  When we bought this house, every single wall was plain white, blueish gray carpet, and I don't think they chose 1 upgrade when they first built the condo.  Andy, AKA- Mr. Handyman- and myself looked at this as an opportunity to re-do some things and make it completely our own!
We have purchased the carpet (it's en-route from Georgia), we have painted 3/4 of our walls- tan with Brown accent walls, and a red accent wall in our room, and it is finally starting to feel like our place! Our very own place that we can live in and someday in the very far future, start our very own family- It is so great to finally be with Andrew all the time!
Today I have been home sick, so naturally I have locked myself in our hole downstairs so I can enjoy some Biggest Loser and Brian Regan! Nothing much better than those two! With this being said, every noise from the hallway gets my hopes up that Andrew will be walking around the corner- coming home from school to his dear wife! I think a lot of married people take this for granted- being able to see each other every day, being able to fall asleep next to each other with legs all tangled up together, running errands together- every single day.  Now that we are living together always- i have grown to appreciate those moments so much.
As for now, I will sit and wait for my Andy to come greet me downstairs and check up on his wifey!
AKA- life is good. :)
Oh and I'll post before and after pictures soon of our home!


  1. Yeah for home ownership! Yeah for being married and finally getting to live with your hubby!! Yeah for life being good. Enjoy it - once the kids arrive, it's all down hill ;)

  2. AKA

    ha ha when I saw your comment on my blog I was like, "who in the heck is The Curtis Couple?" took me awhile. Slow, but I'll get there eventually. Love you both and can't wait to see your house!