this is how the day's gone so far:
*Woke up and stared at the ceiling for about 20 minutes.
*Gave Andy a head massage... awkward?? I say nay- I did it as an act of love.
*Walked the dogs.
*Closed the shower curtain before I got in only to see a spider the size of a quarter smack dab on the outside of the curtain.  Me=Frozen/paralyzed for about 4.3 minutes while I contemplated how I would accomplish the killing of said spider.  Grabbed the shower head while the water was off, aimed the shower head at the spider, turned on the water and screamed.  Got the bathroom more than a little wet, but luckily watched as the spider curled into a ball of unconsciousness and sailed right down the drain!
*Got ready and styled my new hair-do! I'm in love! :)
*Drove to work, walked into work and saw a women with a sock on her shoulder.  I had that moment where I didn't know whether to say something or to just pretend I never saw it.  I chose the noble route and let her know of the potentially embarrassing situation that might have happened.  
*Spoke to my friend Amanda at work while we discussed some prizes that we will be giving away for a certain contest- Amanda is going to give out a 47" Vizio Flat Screen TV- In my amazement and excitement, I combined the statements of "Holy Cow!" and "47" and ended up saying, "Holy Kevin!" random, I know, but funny nonetheless.
*Now I am sitting listening to my ipod do a little shuffling while working my little tail off (despite the fact that I am blogging at work) so that I can go have a wonderful weekend with Andrew. (Whom I love dearly and am grateful for every day and I know he will be there for me olways.)

now... back to that work thing...


  1. I hate spidies. AND I WANNA SEE THE NEW DO!!!

  2. wow...never ONCE did I get a head massage from you, before I woke up. Color me offended.

    sounds like a fun-filled day :)

  3. i think you should post soon....something random. something funny. something cynical. something yellow.