i'm on a journey...

i've learned a lot during this pregnancy.

i've learned how i can overcome complete exhaustion and still get things done.
i've learned how miraculous our bodies are and that they can create life and everything that goes
into a human body.
i've learned how truly amazing it is to have a connection with your unborn child at 27 weeks.
i've learned what it means to truly crave something... something that i won't be able to meet or know for another 13 weeks and 2 days.

above all i've learned how desperately i need self-acceptance.

i've always been the type that relies on other's acceptance of me.
i need compliments.
i need to feel validated in what i do.
i need people to tell me i'm pretty, or stylish, or thin, or smart, or good at things i do.

if i don't get this validation from others i doubt everything about me.
i doubt my decisions.
i doubt my body.
essentially i doubt my purpose.  

this needs to change.
i'm slowly coming to the conclusion that i need to change.
i need to accept myself above everything and everyone.

this is the journey.
i don't know how long it will take.
but i need to take it and hopefully i will arrive at the destination i have desired for so long.

love this. to pieces.

i am dying here at work watching this.  the whole interview with Will is great.  reminds me of my good times with my dear old roommate Andra.

hope you enjoy.

love much.

sore neck

today i just want to post about why my neck is sore. 

andrew finished finals.  we went on a day date to costa vida to celebrate.  on the way back to my work we stopped and got me peanut m&ms. 

now i'm sitting at my desk and the little munchkin that my body is building inside of me is going ca-razy! i have felt him move and andrew has seen my stomach dance a little bit here and there.  but this was ten minutes of my belly being kicked left and right. 

i just let my chin hang down and watched in amazement for a good while.  everytime it would happen i would chuckle just a little bit more. 

oh the miracles of building a life. :)

happy thursday.