i'm on a journey...

i've learned a lot during this pregnancy.

i've learned how i can overcome complete exhaustion and still get things done.
i've learned how miraculous our bodies are and that they can create life and everything that goes
into a human body.
i've learned how truly amazing it is to have a connection with your unborn child at 27 weeks.
i've learned what it means to truly crave something... something that i won't be able to meet or know for another 13 weeks and 2 days.

above all i've learned how desperately i need self-acceptance.

i've always been the type that relies on other's acceptance of me.
i need compliments.
i need to feel validated in what i do.
i need people to tell me i'm pretty, or stylish, or thin, or smart, or good at things i do.

if i don't get this validation from others i doubt everything about me.
i doubt my decisions.
i doubt my body.
essentially i doubt my purpose.  

this needs to change.
i'm slowly coming to the conclusion that i need to change.
i need to accept myself above everything and everyone.

this is the journey.
i don't know how long it will take.
but i need to take it and hopefully i will arrive at the destination i have desired for so long.