To be Gentle

(Pictures from my most recent trip to Cancun!)

Several months ago I came across a post on a blog that I follow and it was all about finding a word to "live by" for one year.  I loved the idea of having a word to focus my energies on and to help better myself.  After some deep contemplation, I decided my word would be "Gentle".  Gentle? Why that word some might ask! Let me tell you...

There have been moments in my life when I regret things that come out of my mouth or the actions that I do. I regret arguments that I have had with roommates. I regret comments that I have made to friends. I regret stepping over any lines that I should've stayed on the original side. Sometimes I have made inappropriate comments to people that I don't really know (nothing horrible, but stuff I really shouldn't be saying... especially in a professional setting).  I think you get the point!

The word Gentle to me means that I will think before I speak.  That I will be gentle in my actions and in my words. That I will be kind and serve those around me.  That I will search for ways to reach out and touch other's hearts. That I will apologize for things that I regret saying. That I will not gossip about others.

To be Gentle means not raising my voice in any conversations- especially with my husband! I truly want to try to refine my "red" side of my personality that tends to over react, raise my voice, say things without thinking, etc.

I have been doing this since about April, and I can honestly say that having a word in my mind to constantly remind me of how to act, has helped me become a better person.  I have such a long way to go and I need to keep my mouth shut more often, but I'm happy that at least I am making this a focus in my life!


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