Traveling Musician

This is a big step for me- blogging that is. I opened up a blog several years ago, forgot the name of it, never updated it, had several friends fall upon it and tell me it looked lame, and then I gave up on the thought of ever blogging again. A new leaf has fallen, the tide has turned, the flowers have budded, whatever you want to call it, I have decided to return in FULL force!
I was driving to work today and was wishing that I had the time (mostly the motivation) to keep up my journal. So much has happened to me in the past couple of months and I would love to document it properly! So now is my chance! Look out world.. I am here to stay!
I really want this blog to be a journal for my life as a married woman! I want to keep track of what Andy and I are going through so at a later time we can print these off and make a book out of it! (You know- keep it on our table so people can read through it when they are REALLY bored, or mainly to show our future gorgeous offspring.) It's brilliant! I know I'm the first one that has ever had this idea, so you can thank me when you make a book of your own journal entries. You're welcome.
Onto bigger and better things- a little thing I like to call PANDORA! I came across this life changing, personally customized, free radio about 1 1/2 years ago as I worked at Deseret Book. I thought it was great then. I would listen to it occassionaly throughout the past year and a half, but this past week I have FALLEN in love! And I have fallen fast! I started out with a Missy Higgins channel on Monday and half of tuesday = revolutionized my world! I was hearing new music left and right! Yesterday I played around with Lady Gaga for a couple hours and today Coldplay and I are livin' it up! I am listening to classics such as "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey and currently I am listening to the The Beatles, "Let It Be" but it still throws in The Postal Service, Mat Kearney, and other great new artists!
Speaking of The Postal Service- isn't it crazy how music can bring you back to a specific time and place in your life. Music has the ability to help me reconnect with past memories and I feel as though I am there- I guess you could say that music is able to take me to another dimension! K well I was sitting here updating spreadsheets at work and The Postal Service came on through my headphones. I didn't really even pay attention but all of a sudden I kept having flashbacks from Hawaii- running on Kamehameha Highway, running in the Mozo 10k, sitting on the beach, and the fresh air blowing on my skin. It was so crazy how I kept having these feelings/flashbacks from Hawaii without me really noticing and then I connected the two- the music has a subconscious connection to Hawaii!! Crazy... Anyways- music is amazing. It changes any bad day into a good day. It moves me. I connect with it. This is why I love coming to work and for 10 hours I can sit and listen to music that inspires me. Moral of the story: I want to give up everything and become a traveling musician.
Well, I like how this blog is going so far. I think I will keep it. Next up: How I am completely in love with the most macho and gorgeous man alive! :) Thanks for listening!!

Oh and P.S. You know what I really hate? Is when I stretch my legs out under my desk (this has happend at multiple jobs) and I get tangled in the computer cords that are pushed into the corner and then I accidentaly turn off the computer! That has happened to me more than I can remember... Oh and this entry was written throughout the day- don't worry! I am a hard worker!!

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  1. Shoot girl! I am loving this already! Please keep this up adn maybe I'll even become a "follower"... who knows.