Fallen Walls

I have always been someone that has usually kept several walls up around me to keep me safe. I hate feeling vulnerable because I'm afraid that if I show too much emotion, I will get hurt. So I usually keep personal things to myself and work through life around it. Last fall, those walls began to fall down when Andy and I became more serious. I have always been a strong believer that I would not date, let alone MARRY, someone who is shorter than me. As Andy and I got more serious, my insecurities of being so tall started to overcome the feelings that I had for Andy. I would tell him that I was afraid that we weren't going to work out. I would tell him that I couldn't do it. I would pretty much convince myself that nothing was going to come from our dating. All throughout this time Andy would reply back to me and say something along the lines of, "Elise- you'll get over it" or "I know you can do it". He would say this with complete confidence and I would get so mad because he just didn't understand.
I cant remember the day that I got over it. I don't know if it was one specific day exactly. But either way, I have let those walls fall and I was able to overcome what seemed to be one of the biggest challenges of my life. Isn't it incredible what a little faith and positivity from someone else can help us overcome? I think about other times that I was able to overcome something and it usually always boils down to believing in myself or believing in the confidence that somebody else has for me.
I always want to be that person that will give people that confidence and belief that will help them overcome challenges in their lives. Its incredible what the faith of others can help us overcome in this life. I guess if each one of us realized that our Heavenly Father is there everyday saying the same words that Andy said to me, "Child, I know you can do it", we would soon be able to see the potential that our Heavenly Parents have for us and nothing would be able to stop us. Our purpose in this world is not for us to have walls up that block us from feeling the complete joy that we deserve. Our purpose is to love and to give all that we have. Our purpose is to be those angels that help others get over their insecurities so at some point they will be able to see their true, divine potential.
Thanks Andy. Thank you for helping me overcome a huge challenge in my life so that now we can be together forever. I hope we can both be angels for other people throughout our lives. I hope we can show others and especially our future children that we believe in them. At this moment, my life will be complete.

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  1. oh elise you are too cute. i love how andy's like a titch shorter than you... randall's like 3 inches shorter than me. like i've said to you before... thank goodness for flat shoes being in style!!!

    i love you !!!!