Another Post About My Bestie…

I'm sure many of you (or the 2 people that read my blog) are sick of how I always put a plug in there about my Bestie. But when it comes to Besties, I think I have the very best one… just sayin.
Exhibit A:
  • I went on a cruise last week for work and I was so stressed out because our house looked like complete Pandamonium (you know… when a panda goes through the rooms and destroys everything in sight?? (Thanks Baz)). Well, the Panda had come and gone and left our house a complete disaster. Well Bestie knew this stressed me out and so when I arrived in Miami, I was greeted by a video message of him showing me our shining house in all of its clean glory! I cried. Just a little. But I cried.
Exhibit B:
  • While on said cruise, Bestie called my phone every day and left me a sweet message for me to listen to when I finally had service. It was quite tough to be gone from him and Albie for a whole week! But I guess if I had to be somewhere without them, the Western Caribbean is the place to be! J
Exhibit C:
  • So Wednesday I was home sick (I know, I know… I'm olways sick… it's as frustrating to me as it is to you to hear about it…) BUT, I was home sick and Andy had just gotten done with his finals. I sat on the couch looking like a dead zombie before he told me to turn on a movie and just relax. The Sandlot it was. I was knocked out on the ground within 4 minutes of watching said show only to be awakened 2 hours later after the movie was over. What was I awakened too you might ask? You guessed it! Bestie had cleaned our whole house again (and I'm talking about guest room, kitchen, front entryway, table, etc.) All he was waiting to do was for me to wake up so he could vacuum.
Question: Could Bestie get any better?! I really don't think so. PLUS, he took me on an awesome date last night to Bed, Bath, and Beyond where we frolicked through the aisles and spent some of our last wedding money while we pretended like we were on a Game Show! Oh happy day!


  1. this is great and everything...but, i thought this was going to be about me...sigh.

    glad you had fun on the cruise!

  2. Are me and Born the two? ...just curious :)