So there I was...

and the MOST AWKWARD moment met me in the aisle.

So you know how yesterday was Valentines Day, right? Well, I had to run to the store to grab some food and other things (uh-hem... lady sticks) to stock our house for this upcoming week.  While I was there (Smith's Marketplace), I decided to head over to the "intimates" section to see if I could find something cute to surprise my one and only with. 

I was in luck.  Buy 2 and get 1 free of some very adorable underwear (or as Victoria's Secret calls them... Panties... ew.)  I put them on the top of my already full basket, slid them to the side that was closest to me and walked away. 

I was on my way to buy Call of Duty: Black Ops for Andy (Can I get a high-five on being the best wife ever?! Videogames for Valentines??! I know. I'm cool.) ANYWAYS, I walked past the flower section where there were lines of guys waiting to buy last minute flowers for their special someone, walked past the self checkout and was almost safe in the electronics area. 

Didn't quite make it.

This boy that I went to high school with (Go Braves!) comes walking up to me.  (Let's keep in mind that I haven't seen this guy in awhile).  So he comes walking up to talk to me and all I can think about is the leopard print panties (...) sitting on the top of my food!  I grab the goods and try to slide them down inside the basket and out of site. 

Now this boy was NOT going to give up.  (Bless his heart).  He starts looking at all the food I got and pointing to things and commenting! I tried to hide "it" with my hand (which I think worked pretty darn good) and I was hoping he would not see it! But the pointing and commenting of food lasted far too long... or atleast it seemed like forever to me!

I started scooting back and tried to close the conversation as slyly as possible.  Eventually I was able to turn around and hurry my little bum into the electronics area.  Embarrasment written ALL over my face!

And this is why guys should never talk to girls from their past on Valentines Day in the store.

You're welcome.


  1. Hahhaha! That'll teach ya... ;)

  2. Oh my gosh Elise, I would DIE! How embarrassing! Now I need to know who it is!! :)

  3. funny and awkward! that's why i love you elise!
    brian found the bedtime buddies where you find all weird and random items...bed bath and beyond. go get yourself some!

  4. P.S. It was SO fun to see you last week!! I'm glad you guys stopped by.

  5. Oh my goodness you poor girl!! Maybe he was just admiring how beautiful you are :)