As of Lately...

Things you may or may not know about me:

* I'm starting to wear my pants unbuttoned and just swinging wide open.  Thank the heavens for Shade camisoles to hold everything together at this point!
* I have taken a complete, 100% stand off to party/event planning for 2012. I planned so many bridal showers, baby showers, and friend get togethers in 2011 that I think I am covered until January of 2013!  I spend a lot of lonely nights up in my office with Andrew, and I don't talk to my friends very much, and I am just exhausted!  So if you are wondering where I have been the past two months... there is the answer.  Call me.  I'd love for you to plan something for us to do.... please?
* I have tried 8 different pillows in the last month.  (Precurser- I used to have this pillow that was similar to a trampoline.  You would lay your head down and it would bounce back up into sweet dream perfection.  When we were moving I remember telling Andrew to not put it in storage, but after that I have no idea where it ran off to.)  Up until this month, the current pillow was fine.  NOT Anymore!  I want my trampoline pillow back. 
* Andrew is the best at grocery shopping.  I gave him our weekly allowance last week to go buy our groceries and sent him on his way. (Little faith on my part, mind you).  He came back with sacks upon sacks of yummy food and ended up saving us money.  That's my little champ.  I'm going to convince him that he needs to study the art of coupon clipping... I think he would succeed. 
* Some may have found out through FB, but my dog has learned how to open up doors.  Yup.  She can open up a door, jump over gates, get the bones that she wants, all while we are sitting in oblivion to what is going on around us.  That little rascal.  But how can you get mad at such a brilliant mammal?!

That is all that's on my mind for now. Until next time folks.

 (Here are some pics of us snowmobiling up in Midway. 
Can't say no to a free day of Snowmobiling and Andrew couldn't wait to get back on a machine!)

Snowmobiling with work- first time in a LONG time!

Andrew and Cam Bott- They were both in man heaven

Overlooking Midway!

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