The BIG Reveal!

So Andrew and I ventured over to the Doctors on January 23- both fairly nervous and excited.  I couldn't wait to see the heartbeat because I knew that would ease my worries so much.  We were in the 9th week and I had found out in the 4th week, so we were READY to see the little munchkin!

Our Dr. is incredible and I feel so blessed to have such a caring doctor who takes the time for both Andrew and myself.  He made sure that he was 100% devoted to us during the hour or so that we were there and I never felt like I was a bother.  He did the main "check you out" procedures, which are always SO much fun, and then it was the fun part! We were about to see the baby!

He got out his ultra sound machine, lathered me all up with the goop, and placed the little monitor thing right on my belly.  Within a matter of seconds, he found where the munchkin was cooped up and we could see the rapidly moving heartbeat! Oh that was so incredible to see! I felt like 1,000 of my worries just left the window at that moment (leaving 99,000 more worries deep inside!) 

All in all, the Doctor's was great and we set up an appointment to come back a month later. So then it was time for Andrew and I to figure out how we wanted to tell our families.  I knew my dad was going to Aruba on the 10th of February to visit Craig and Em, so we wanted to make sure we did it before then.  On January 30th, I called up Amberlee and asked her if we could stop by really quick to show her a video I made.  She obliged so we quickly dropped in, made small talk, and then I whipped out Andy's phone.  I was able to show her the video we captured of the ultrasound and tell her that Andrew and I were expecting!  She was completely shocked, surprised, and SOOOO happy!  As Andrew kept the kids preoccupied, I kept talking to Amberlee and asked her if she could help me set up a dinner at her house so that my parents wouldn't suspect anything.  She of course said "Yes" and then she said, "Well... can I tell you something and you have to promise NOT to say anything?" WHAT WHAT?! She then told me that she is pregnant too!!! AWWWWWW!!!!! So exciting!!! She is two weeks behind me (Due September 14th).  That was such a fun time for the two of us as we were able to share such exciting news with each other before anyone else knew! I am so excited for our nuggets to grow up together and be best buds!

We set up the dinner for the 6th of February and had my mom and dad and Grandad over to Amberlee and Dan's house.  We ate dinner and then I said that I had a video I had made of Sienna and Kaden that I wanted to show them.  Everyone moved downstairs and we flipped on the DVD.  The video was about 30 seconds long and it was fairly cheesy, but it got the point across!  (It started out with a couple pictures of us and some quotes from The Family: A Proclamation to the World and then it went into the video of the ultrasound.) My mom thought she knew what video it was of the kids, so when it was showing pictures of Andrew and me she was like, "What?! This is isn't the one I was thinking of!"

Once the ultrasound showed up EVERYONE was freaking out! My mom had NO idea I was pregnant (and I was 11 weeks at this time!)  My dad was so excited- it was all just so amazing! We celebrated for a couple minutes and then I said, "And the great thing about all of this is that it will have a cousin about the same age!"  My mom was in shock and I pointed to Amberlee- the celebrations happened ALL over again! My dad fell off his chair, Grandad was so happy, and my mom just sat and held on to Amberlee and myself! It was all so exciting!

No one was expecting it and it went off without a hitch! I am so glad that Amberlee helped us plan the dinner and that we were both able to announce it at the same time! We were sad that Nick, Emily, and Craiggers weren't there, but we were able to call them right after and tell them the exciting news.  We are so excited for these two babies to join the family late summer time!!

Now Amsy and I get to look forward to a LONG Hot summer! haha

I will post about how we told the Curtis's next! Such a fun time!

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  1. LOVE...LOVE...LOVE! So glad you blogged this so my sluggish brain can remember what happened!!! Love you so much and am so dang excited to share this experience with you.