One month until D-Day

35 Weeks- the toes are slowly disappearing!

I have one more month!!! One more month until I get to meet my little bug! Let's give a little re-cap on the last couple of weeks:

- I'm 99% sure that he has moved to the correct "birthing" position, because all I feel now-a-days are his little feet kicking my lungs and ribs and diaphram and stomach over and over and over again. I have to sit in a reclined position most of the day because otherwise it hurts too bad to sit a little "scrunched" up.  So if you see me driving my Subaru with the seat leaned back like the gangsta I am, that is why. It is the babe.

- My pelvis bone is softening and adjusting and killing me. :)  I feel like everytime I get up from sitting down or laying down for a while, it always takes me a couple minutes to adjust to the pain.  My body is just getting ready! (tack this on to the things I never knew about pregnancy...)

- I was naseous the first part of the 3rd trimester, but now it just comes and goes.  Which is nice that I'm not super sick. I'm just SUPER tired!  Everyone I talk to tells me to make sure I take time for myself right now and rest my body.  Um... I can't! I don't have time to rest! This baby gets here so soon and there is SO much to do before he arrives! So I just keep pushing through the tiredness! but I know it will all be worth it! (the tiredness will just continue... I know, i know!)

- I *think* I am getting to be more comfortable with my pregnant body.  Sure, I still have those moments where I try on every piece of clothing convinced that I'm getting fatter and fatter with each shirt I pull over my head, but I am slowly learning to be okay with it! SLOOOOOOWLY.  Luckily I have Maxi Skirts to cover the junk in my trunk otherwise I think I would die. A slow and fat death. (dramatic much?)

- Munchkins room is slowly coming together! The other night I expressed to Andrew how overwhelmed I felt with everything I have to get done.  Our nursery/office was a disaster and it gave me anxiety to even go in there.  So after a long hot shower and brushing my teeth, Andrew came and got me and lead me upstairs.  Told me to close my eyes.  And then took me into the nursery.  When I opened my eyes I just started bawling! haha.  He had been upstairs while I had been pouting downstairs, cleaning and moving everything out of the nursery so we could have a fresh "slate" to work with!  Oh, now I love the nursery! Sure there still isn't anything on the walls, and we still have so much to do, but atleast I want to be in there now and work on it!  Babies clothes are washed, hung up/folded, and everything is coming together! Yay for awesome husbands that put up with their hormonal wives!

- My internal "heater" is finally on and I'm loving/hating it! I was always, ALWAYS so cold before, so it's kind of nice to not have popsicles for feet! Now I have a fan that blows on me at night while Andrew is cold on the other side! I thought this day would never come!

- So much is happening in our lives right now, but I can't wait for the quiet moments that are shortly upon us where I can just cuddle with my little one while he sleeps.  That is what I look forward to the most.  Cherishing those quiet, calm times.  They will be here before we know it!

- Oh, and we still don't have a name for him. :)  It will be decided in the hospital... and I am 100% okay with that.