Drink Chocolate Milk Responsibly.

Well, today I thought I would be inventive and bring cereal for lunch to work- naturally I go to Honey Bunches of Oats. It's a classic and you can never go wrong with some good bunches. Well, I needed to go buy some milk for my honey bunches so I roll on over to the closest Maverick. Walk in, find the milk, and what do I find? Only 2% milk or chocolate milk. Now this isn't ANY kind of milk- it is Cream 'O Weber milk... Cream 'O Weber CHOCOLATE milk that is.
Well, here was a predicament... do I get the 2% milk (which I don't like, and I will probably have left over milk and then I will have to throw it away)? Or do I stick with the drink that has never let me down- good ol Cream 'O Weber Chocolate milk?
Well, I grabbed the 2% walked half way over to the cash register and then pivoted right then and there right back to the fridge. Quickly placed the 2% back and caved into my unhealthy eating side of Elise. This comes out often. :)
So with choco milk in hand, I pay, get back to my desk, pour it into my bowl with cereal and begin to eat. Seriously- NOT BAD! I couldn't even really taste the chocolate milk, but it has resulted in a very sick stomach, tired eyes, and wanting to go lay down.
Moral: Drink chocolate milk responsibly.


  1. Elo, I'm so excited you have a blog!!! You totally made my day with your chocolate milk story. By the way that sounds disguisting :) Love ya!!

  2. I don't even know how to feel about this, but I'll take your word for it. Wise choice in the HBofO.
    PS: I forgot to tell you that I took the shower cap from the hotel... I always like to take one thing.... and what ever happened to that miraculous hat?

  3. I'm so glad to hear that you stole from the hotel- have you gotten good use of the shower cap? And I left the cowboy hat at the hotel... no room in my sweet little bag to take such a beauty!