Two weekends ago we went to Colorado for my cousin Andrew's homecoming.  I have been talking up Colorado to Andrew forever so I am so glad that we were able to go see it! On the way there we drove late in the night through the Wyoming way- nothing too exciting.  But on the way home, I made sure that we went through the mountains, through all the big ski resorts and everything- good thing I did because Andrew FELL in LOVE with it!! Someday, we will move there, or have our 5th home there :) and we can just ski all day, and he can fly fish in the summers! It will be perfect!

So we got there at 3 in the morning on Saturday morning.  We woke up at about 9:30, and the day was JAM PACKED with fun-ness from the beginning! Andrew was swept away to go play Basketball with all the cousins, while I stayed home and layed on the massaging bed for a good hour and then got in the steam shower! It was like I was at the spa- all I needed was someone to give me a facial, and mani and pedi and the morning would've been complete!

After that, we watched the US soccer game (bummer they lost) and then we were swept away for boating! I love, LUF boating! It is one of my most favorite things! My calf's had horrible charlie horses in them, so I stayed on the boat and watched the boys go- it was a good time! Andrew went surfing and got up on his first try- I was so proud of him! What a hottie! :)

With the cousins
Nick and Christian
Chris was flexing his arms and legs for this picture!
There he is! What a stud!
Just chillin on the boat!

Once we got home, my aunt and uncle had reserved a court to play walleyball (don't know how to spell it!) so we rushed over there and played Walleyball for about an hour and a half! It is not a good idea to get about 25 people in the same small room that carries echoes like nothing else! Trying to organize that game was a nightmare, but once we started playing, our team was dominating so it was so worh it! The underdogs came out on top!

We went home, had dinner and dessert, and then we played catch phrase! Seriously- when you are with the Holmes, you never EVER stop going! It is just one thing after the next, but it is so much fun!

On Sunday we went and heard Andrew speak, see Scott get the Melchizedek Priesthood, raced home and ate dinner and then we hit the road! Our two day adventure felt like a five day vacation because of all the stuff packed into it!

I love Colorado and I wouldn't mind living there someday!

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  1. Sounds like a ton of fun. So Glad you are blogging now so I can keep track of you and your crazy schedule!