S.O.'s, Lagoon, and Preston Derby!

A couple weeks ago, Andy and I had the greatest time with Dave and Lara! This is the follow up post to the "Friday Night Lights" post a couple weeks ago (Just FYI!)  The Johnson's were our first official guests and it was so much fun! We stayed up far later than we wanted to, Dave and Andy got up in the morning (like 6:30) to go help this old man in my ward to yard work, they came back and we made a huge breakfast! My bestie loves to make breakfast food and he is GOOD at it! SO Good! So we ate that, cleaned up and headed off to the greatest place ever... yup! You guessed it! LAGOON!! :) haha- there are some nice rides, but it still quite ghetto- but it was an adventure!
Stupidest Haunted House ever! haha- But it scared me real bad when I was little!
In the Haunted House
Both of those were on the sky ride- my bestie is so intense... :)
The happy couples!

Andy was so sick- those are his arms draped over the edge...
The Musical Express where tears are shed and drool is flying! haha- if you look really closely you can see Dave and Andy in the back feeling VERY sick after Colossus- They are right above my head!

Any EFY'ers will know what this is!
Dave is scared of heights so this was a big step for him! ;)

Alright- so Lara and I needed to use the restroom before we started our journey up to Preston, ID so we asked one of the security guards.  This girl was so chipper and in her exact words, she said, "You will go past the Lucky Duck, take a sharp right at the Lady Bug Bop, continue down straight and the restrooms will be on your right."  You know those times when you wonder if someone was joking as they told you something?? Well that was definitely one of those times!! BAH

We went on all the big roller coasters and by about 4:00, all of us were so sick to our stomachs, and Andy, Dave, and myself all blacked out on the Colossus so we decided we had to call it a day! The new Wicked ride there is a blast and I recommend it to everyone!! Luckily it wasn't super crowded so we were able to go on all of the rides we wanted to!
After that, we headed up to the Preston, Idaho Demolition Derby! This was BY FAR the best one yet! So many cars were flipped and cars were flying everywhere, but the best part of all of it was that the Happy Hands Club REALLY DID PERFORM!!! THE Happy Hands Club- From Napolean Dynamite! They performed for about 20 minutes- just sign languaging away! It was a glorious moment for me! Ha Ha
This was about 1 minute into the first heat- the red car was flipped right over! The crowd went wild!
Some of Andy's people down in the action
The beginning of the Happy Hands Club... I was in shock!
I don't think the girls on the end made the cut- maybe they were apart of the
Critiquing Company! (In honor of Karly!) 
They even have shirts with a legit sign language sign! :)
Andy took Dave down to the pit and showed him all around- Dave was pretty excited to be there!!
That was Dave's first Derby and I think loved it! We are recruiting a bunch of people to come to the Ogden Truck Derby this weekend - I guess they have fireworks and everything to celebrate the 4th! I can't wait!

And this was a random picture from the aerospace museum a couple weeks ago... it was the only appropriate one that I could post!! ;)


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