A time last year...

So, for those of you who don't know me, I love a few things in this life a little more than I love other things. Those things would be:

Making videos
Being Random

Last year for my friend Baz's birthday, my dear pal Leslie and I made this video for Baz.  It consisted of us getting whatever we could find, writing down extremely random things on paper, and putting some tunes to it.

This is what came of it.  I haven't watched it in awhile so when I did I bursted out laughing because of its amazingness.  (yup...it's a word now).  AND, Leslie is coming into town this weekend and I hope that we will be able to make another video for another friend- here's to us in our pj's and bedhead!


  1. wait... was the goal of this post to make me jealous? Cause I like movies best when they are for me...that includes sequels....

  2. haha- not to make you jealous at all. Don't worry, Born isn't coming anymore so we will not be making a video!

  3. pretty freaking hilarious Elo- I LOVE the randomness for sure...I couldn't have held a straight face for the life of me!