Drink Chocolate Milk Responsibly.

Well, today I thought I would be inventive and bring cereal for lunch to work- naturally I go to Honey Bunches of Oats. It's a classic and you can never go wrong with some good bunches. Well, I needed to go buy some milk for my honey bunches so I roll on over to the closest Maverick. Walk in, find the milk, and what do I find? Only 2% milk or chocolate milk. Now this isn't ANY kind of milk- it is Cream 'O Weber milk... Cream 'O Weber CHOCOLATE milk that is.
Well, here was a predicament... do I get the 2% milk (which I don't like, and I will probably have left over milk and then I will have to throw it away)? Or do I stick with the drink that has never let me down- good ol Cream 'O Weber Chocolate milk?
Well, I grabbed the 2% walked half way over to the cash register and then pivoted right then and there right back to the fridge. Quickly placed the 2% back and caved into my unhealthy eating side of Elise. This comes out often. :)
So with choco milk in hand, I pay, get back to my desk, pour it into my bowl with cereal and begin to eat. Seriously- NOT BAD! I couldn't even really taste the chocolate milk, but it has resulted in a very sick stomach, tired eyes, and wanting to go lay down.
Moral: Drink chocolate milk responsibly.


I have realized in the past few couple of months how badly I feel like I need to be accepted by everyone. And it's not just that I feel like I alone need to be accepted, but I feel like what I do needs to be accepted also. This can place a lot of stress on me and it's so frustrating sometimes. The first time I started realizing it was when I sent out our wedding announcements- Andrew and I spent a lot of time working with our invitation girl on those and I was so excited to see the final product and to share it with my family and friends. I remember showing people or people saying they got it and they never said if they liked it, or even if they didn't like it! It's the silence that kills me. That is when my mind starts to wander and then I convince myself that those people don't like it and then I stress over it and think about how I could've done things better.
I just had an experience where I had to ask one of my friends if she was mad at me- I sent her an email and then... silence.... nothing.... my stomach literally felt like it was going to either jump out of my mouth or fall out of my butt! After I heard back from her, my stomach was still so sick and the thought of eating, moving, or doing anything at that moment was next to impossible! (even though things were okay with her!- it's just the lingering strands of stress that are silently killing me!)
(This is how I felt... :)!! )
I don't know why I feel like i have to be accepted all the time. Maybe it was because when I was younger I was a follower and felt like I had to prove myself by doing things (or by owning really cool Roxy clothes) :) And maybe that has just followed me into my adulthood. I just hate it when people are mad at me or show indifference towards me or things I do- it eats away at me. So moral of the story: Please always act really excited about things I show you! Even if you just have to fake it! haha.
the end.

God's Hand

Do you ever have those times that you can feel God guiding your life and letting you know that you are doing things right? I have felt that way for the past week and I couldn't be happier! I have had some major blessings come my way with work, teaching Sunday School to the 14-15 year olds, and just life in general. It is incredible to me to see how as I am doing what I am supposed to, God creates a way for other things to happen. I feel so blessed right now... this is all. :)


Well, the no sugar thing lasted about 5 hours. Andra's cinnamon rolls got me. Better luck next time. :)

country livin

well, I am sitting here about to fall asleep with my head propped up in my hands and thought I would change that by writing on our blog. It was a great Easter weekend with lots of friends and family but WAY too much chocolate! I am like my mom in the fact that I can't just eat one brownie- I have to eat all of them. So as of today, April 5th, 2010, I have gone off sugar for a time. I havn't decided the exact date that I might go back on it, but as for now: I am on a break! Wish me luck!
Just to give you a little insight into my life- I married a country boy! A full blown, wrangler wearing, duck huntin, fishing hole fishin country boy. And oh how that makes me happy! That was one of the things that attracted me to Andy at first- how he handled the four-wheeler up Providence Canyon, built fires (like a man... of course), cooked breakfast for 15 or so people after a night of camping, fixed broken things, and so much more.

(Here he is doing what he does best! Picking up the two new SQUEELING piggies!)

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and we decided to go for a four-wheeler ride around the country side of Logan. WE got bundled up and then he took me around, let me drive (I did a Xena Warrior Princess cry in honor of Born) and then he took me to one of his favorite spots. We pull up to this old barn and he tells me to park it. He took my hand and then led me down to where him and his cousins grew up fishing. I could tell that this was a very special place for Andy during his growing up years. We stood there and looked for fish and then we took a long walk down the river- the whole time Andy was teaching me about fishing, hunting, the outdoors and lots more. The reason I say all of this is because yesterday I got a look into the joy that my husband sees in all of this. It was though my eyes were open to his love and I grew to appreciate him that much more.
It's hard being apart so much of the week, but when we are together there is still so much bliss and things that we can discover about each other. Yesterday reminded me that even though we are married, we can still feel that excitement to discover new things about each other. We can always gain a new appreciation for each other, each day: we just need to open our eyes and see what the other has to share.
I think this says it for itself: Awesome.