Moral of the Story...

I had to get this out in the open… because it is more than slightly embarrassing but pretty darn funny at the same time.

Today I went to the gym. At my work. Where fellow co-workers can walk into the gym at any time. The personal trainer (who is a girl) walked through the gym several times, right behind me. What relevance does this have with anything?? Well, let me tell you.

Today I also walked a mile on a treadmill, biked 2 miles, did some abs, and stretched all before I realized that a black, small, lacy piece of underwear was stuck to my white/red basketball shorts the whole time. On the outside. Stuck to the material of my right butt cheek. Where I had NO IDEA.

I hurried and grabbed it and shoved it into my shorts and just continued stretching as if nothing happened. Picked up the yoga mat that I was using and slyly slipped downstairs to the locker room.

Moral of the story: Always check your clothes before you go out in public to make sure clothes didn’t get stuck together in the dryer. Also Moral of the Story: If you are a girl and you see underwear stuck to another girls butt… maybe go up and tell them!

All I can do is laugh at this unfortunate situation! And just keep going to the gym as if nothing ever happened!

Happy Thursday!


  1. one time I came to work and I had been there for like two hours, I saw something white coming out of the bottom of my scrubs so I kicked my leg a little and out comes flying a pair of my garments bottoms. Everyone I work with was standing there and they were so confused as to why white shorts came out of my scrubs. whoopsies. Moral of the story:: check your clothes after you take them our of the dryer before you put them on.

  2. We just laughed so hard. My roommates are headed to the gym so I had to make sure they heard your story first! :)

  3. My head is in my hands and I struggle to control my natural reaction within the walls of a cubicle. STRUGGLE. :) Ah, I love that. You work those tiny black lacies, my friend. Work 'em.