My thoughts on... Boudoir

Alright.  I'm opening up my big trap and going to speak about a topic that is Raging HOT these days... that is the "art" of Boudoir. I know that several of my friends have done this and that is totally okay with me! But I just wanted to share my thoughts on why I will never do this for me or my husband.

I want to be honest.  When I first saw images popping up on Facebook and Pinterest, I thought, "Oh that would be fun! I would love to do that for Andrew!".  But in reality, I think a big portion of my desires to do that were more so to satisfy something within myself.  Everywhere you look you see images of "sexy" woman (according the world) and it is easy for me to think that I am not sexy because of the way I dress.  I thought it would be fun to dress up (or I guess "dress down") and get some pictures done that only myself and Andrew would look at.

But then this thought crossed my mind.  Why would I want to give my husband something that he could hold and look at in hopes to turn him on?  Isn't that like introducing pornography to my husband (Even if it is his own wife?)  The LAST thing I would want would be for my husband to start turning to an "image" if I am out of town with work or not around the house in order to satisfy himself.

I have been following the new website "Fight the New Drug" and I have heard some pretty interesting facts.  On the website it states:

"Well, there’s been lots of research done, and it turns out that looking at porn changes the way you see others, and even yourself. It changes the way you act towards others, and can even change your values."

I have heard stories of guys, Good, GREAT, OUTSTANDING guys, that can get turned on by looking at a billboard of a girl in a bikini advertising for laser hair removal.  These guys aren't out there actively seeking it, but Satan has a way of getting into their brain and making that girl in a bikini become "alive" in there for even just a brief moment. Then this great guy feels guilty that they thought those things even though they weren't seeking it out!

So in a way, it would suck for me to give an image of myself to my husband and then for that image to come "alive" in his brain and then for it to spread to other things... no me gusta.

I found these stats online and wanted to share:

"According to the article Top 10 Internet Pornography Statistics, every second, $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography; every second, 28,258 internet users are viewing pornography; every second, 372 internet users are typing adult search terms into search engines; and every 39 minutes, a new pornographic video is being created in the U.S.

There are more than 4.2 million pornographic internet sites, which comprises 12% of the total websites. A staggering 42.7% of internet users view porn. "The pornography industry has larger revenues than Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Apple, and Netflix combined. Worldwide Pornography Revenues ballooned to $97.06 billion in 2006.""

UNBELIEVABLE. But believe it.

Basically all I am trying to say, in my non-eloquent way, is that I would rather have my husband enjoy his time with his wife in flesh.  I don't want to tamper with this all too dangerous drug in hopes that I myself will feel sexy or to give him a great Valentines Gift. 
Like I said before, if you have done this and you are excited about it- PLEASE don't be offended by this. This is MY choice as to why I won't but I also wanted to shed my light on the subject just in case someone is on the line about doing it.  But I still respect and LOVE those that do! :)
For more info on how to Fight the New Drug, check out this freaking awesome website:


  1. Right. on. the. money.

    But I wasn't considering it. haha. Ahem. For...obvious reasons. I'm just saying I agree with you. And I love FTND. They're doing such good work, I think.

  2. ditto. they appreciate it more in the flesh anyway. ;) i don't think my husband would even want the pics....maybe he would want the pics of the way i looked before having 3 kids haha. but i'm sure glad he doesn't have that image stuck in his head. so i can be fat and he'll still think i'm hott. haha. not to mention i hate when people post the pictures of themselves...that definitely is saying they didn't do it just for their husband. good thoughts.

  3. Way to go for posting about this! I think if others want to do it that's awesome and more power to them. We all have to live life for ourselves and no one else. But I do agree completely with Satan's subtle ways of sneaking himself into our homes and tempting righteous men.
    We have a couple in our ward who are service missionaries and they work with pornography addicts and hold meetings every Sunday night for them etc. It's amazing to hear their story and their struggle with pornography in their own lives and the subtle ways in can start to creep into your home. It happens when you least suspect it and when you start to put your guard down. They said most children by the age of six will see some form of pornography.
    It's tragic and frightening.
    I love the website fight the new drug and I'm so glad you brought light to this awesome organization!

  4. I have no idea what boudoir even is. Isn't that sad? Well maybe it's not. That's what I get for being ignorant and living in a different country. I think I can figure out what it is by your post, but really, I think it's way weird.

    Way to take a stand Reesty Boom. The world needs more peeps like you! xoxo love you