Goodbye 2010!

I admit.  2010 was probably one of the best years of my life.  I've had several years that came close (2004, 2006, and 2007) but none of them have been as good as this one has!  I just feel so fortunate to have the life I do and all in all, God's been good to me this year! We were blessed with a great AMAZING job, got married, found an awesome home, got a puppy, took vacations to great places with Andy, and just had a great year all together!
I don't have tons of pictures... which is weird because in high school and college there was a camera attached to my thumb and pointer finger.
I WANT to take more pictures, but I always seem to forget I have a camera, or I'm just too lazy to get it out!  (Maybe that should be my 2011 New Years Resolution... STOP BEING LAZY!)

(Sidenote: Now that I have done this post I realized how long it was due to the pictures… so maybe I do take enough?? J)

Husband and I got married on March 12, 2010 - great day in the life of mine!

We had a dream honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico. We stayed at the
JW Marriott in Cancun- so lovely

My messy hair in this picture reminded me this:
 The metal detector went off when I was in the airport because I had so many bobby pins in my hair from the wedding day! ha

Moved into our new house…

Jokes, jokes… This is only a dream home!
We attended the Parade of Homes and Andy was in Architectural Heaven!
Maybe someday we can have this beaut!

This is the only picture I have of our house and it's of the corner of our bedroom Awkward??

Got that mirror at Ikea for $60… I'm such a bargain shopper!
I also am going to get a cool pot and branches for the other corner…
BUT I want to get drapes for that window and I'm not sure what color to do… suggestions??

We attended LOTS of Demolition Derby's! Then yours truly surprised Andy with his own truck to derby in Logan for his very first time.
(I worked closely with Andy's bestie Dev and he built the truck and everything- then we took him to the shop and surprised him on the day of the derby.
It went off without a hitch and he had no idea! I was so happy it turned out and I was so proud of him for how he did that night!)

Right after Andy found out that was his truck- He was so so excited!

Went to the Tim McGraw concert, Dave Matthews Band, and the Brad Paisley concert all at the USANA Amphitheater!
Lufed each one of the concerts so much!

Andy's bestie Dev just got engaged to Kaylee- Whoop whoop!  

Hiked to Donut Falls and went fishing up by Brighton ski resort

Had a rockin mission reunion! This is a sisters picture- CCM baby!

We went to South Carolina to visit Craig, Emily, and Judah in October. It was fabulous to say the least.
Andy caught 2 sting ray AND a crab- he's such an animal!

Went to the Jazz game and sat in a suite… we felt legit.
Please don't mind my freakishly long arm in the right picture- It gets in the way at the most awkward times

(Elise: Stop doing the kissy face.  Thanks and you're welcome)
We stayed at the Zermott up in Midway, UT to check it out for work.
We were treated the best and we were even welcomed with a plate of fruit, cheese, and crackers!
As you can see, we thought it was pretty cool! haha

Went to Lindy Kyle's (friend from Canada) bridal shower and then rang in the New Year with her and her new Hubby!
They had a dance party and I felt like I was 18 years old again- L.O.V.E. DANCING! Andy didn't know what to do with me- he's never seen me dance the night away.
He's missing out.

I'm excited to see what 2011 has to bring!
I want to focus on our finances, not gossiping or talking bad about myself or others, focus on spousal time with Andrew, and just enjoy every day!
Can't wait to see what comes!

Happy New Years everyone!

(Oh and my birthday happened right before New Years- I will cover that amazing day in another post!)

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