a list of Exhibits

Exhibit A).  I am at work.  I am working hard.  I am trying to figure out everything for an upcoming event I am doing. 
Exhibit B).  I am working with this great vendor (Lee Cassity) and he has helped me find some great gifts that we can give out.  I tell this Lee character that I will have to pass him on to this other woman I work with to figure out the cost, amounts, etc.
Exhibit C).  I email both Lee and this woman.  I give each other their contact information.  In Lee's email (thinking I was sending it to JUST Lee... not to woman), I warned Lee that this lady is kind of "possessive" of her job and she doesn't like anyone stepping on her toes.  While I was typing that email I thought to myself, "Wouldn't that be bad if I accidentaly sent it to her"?
Exhibit D). I sent it to her. 
Exhibit E).  She emails me back and says "Thanks for the warning". 
Exhibit F).  I'm locking myself in my house and not talking to anyone except for Albie and Andrew for the next 5-7 days.


  1. HAHAHAHA OH MY GOSH ELISE!!!!!!!!!! I'm dying for you!!!!!!!! Well, this actually can turn into a good thing. This inadvertent little mix up probably made her really think to herself about if she really is possessive and she probably has done a lot of inward pondering! Don't beat yourself up over it Elise. Bottom line: you are coworkers. You don't have to be bffs, and you made an honest mistake. You will look back at this and laugh. Hopefully it wasn't your boss :)

  2. hahaha- thanks Kristen- seriously. My stomach is in knots! And of course I have a meeting right now at work so I can't leave and go drown my sorrows in Chocolate Chip cookies and milk! Thanks for your support- I really do appreciate it! And it's true- we don't have to be bff's! haha

  3. Hahahaha.....I would DIE!

    This is pretty funny chika!

  4. That is hilarious! Hope you can somehow find a way to make up with her...but make sure you don't "step on her toes" :)

  5. Thanks for sharing, very nice pictures...
    Im the newest follower to your blog, hope to see you on my page too...