Remembering the Journey

Last night I laid in bed with my niece, Sienna, trying to help her fall asleep. She lay there fighting to keep her eyelids ajar as I spoke to her softly. Her little brother lay 2 feet away from me in the pack and play softly making noises of trucks and lulling himself to sleep. At that moment, my little guy in my belly started to kick hard and fast on the left side.  I grabbed Sienna's hand, placed it on my belly, and we laid there giggling as she felt his little kicks against the palm of her hand.  Shortly after that, Sienna closed her eyes and fell asleep for the night. 

2 hours later, after watching The Bachelorette with my family, (Andrew was even into it this time!), I lay in bed with him and we spoke to each other before we fell asleep.  I told him how I wished that we were better at writing things down. I reminded him how throughout this pregnancy there were special moments that Andrew and I never wanted to forget.  Special, spiritual moments that helped us feel the Love of God through the little being that is about to join our family.  Of course, as the time has passed, those memories, thoughts, and feelings are slowly beginning to fade under the layers of chaos in my brain that are quickly piling up!  Those exact experiences are foggy and I so regret not taking the time to write them down.

I hope that whether it is on this blog, in a journal, or recorded by some other means, I will start to sacrifice my time to write things down.  I want my little bug to remember the big and small moments of his life and how special it will be to have those memories written from the view point of his mother and father.  Not only will it be a blessing for him, but I think it will be a bigger blessing for me to look back on and see how far I have come as a mom and the sacrifice and growing that comes along with it.  

I hold the experiences that I have with my little niece so close to my heart.  I felt so much love, excitement, and happiness as we shared that special moment together last night.  I cannot comprehend the love that I will feel for my own little one in 2 short months!  I cannot wait and I am excited for the journey that it will take me on!

I just hope I remember to write the journey down! :)