why not?!

Sure I went to Hawaii over 7 months ago.

Sure I haven't done a darn thing with any of the pictures.

Sure it was the greatest trip Andy and I have ever been on together and we haven't done a darn thing to document it.

That is my life.

With every good intention inside my bones, I take picture after picture, in hopes that I will come home, whip out my scissors and glue, and get to scrapbooking.  But then I realized that I haven't touched that stuff since Jr. Year in High School, so the odds that I do that now are about SLIM to NONE. :)

Good thing I downloaded all my phone pics today (Which now that I see them on the big screen, I realized the Android camera = crap. oh well) so I would have something to do at work! So Why Not just throw them on the blog so that I can one day create all of this into a blog book! :)

1 and 2) Plane ride and Andy's first reaction to the Hawaiian air. He was in love. 
3 and 4) View from our hotel and view from the Point- where I used to live
5) me. 
6 and 7) Laie Temple and Waimea Bay- I spent many hours jumping off that rock on the far left. It is a Must.
8) Andrew. Trying to be GQ. You're almost there babe. 
9) Sunrise from our room again
10) Snow Cones from Matsumoto!! We are such tourists. :)
11-13) Man on the Hilton Hawaiian Village beach.  Yup.  Full on Banana Sling bearing all to see! 
14 and 15) Hiking up to the top of Diamond Head! 

1 -3) Sunset Beach on Oahu
4-6) Eggs n Things- If you are staying in Waikiki, this place is a must.  But you have to go early. Like Really early in order to skip the long line.  But the food is to die for. At least in my Fat Girl opinion....
7) A Whoopie pie ordered by our Sales Director at the Hilton. Another piece of heaven!
8) Scared for our lives as "smoke" was coming out of the sides of the airplane on our way to Maui... um... we made it there safe, so I'll just assume it was normal! 
9 and 10) My lei upon arrival and Andrew and I on the plane over to Maui
11-13) Road to Hana.  Black Beaches, POURING Rain, and beautiful country side!
14 and 15) The all too famous Forest Gump chair.  I hate how the shoes accentuate my big knees and calves... its the shoes, I promise.

1 and 2) Beach in Maui and Andrew becoming that professional photographer he never knew he wanted to be
3) Our plane that took us to the Big Island- Andrew was scared out of his pants the whole ride- especially when the pilots were pointing to the lightning that was in the sky! 
4) Some food that he was really excited about- I'm not sure. I think we are turning Asian because food pictures are becoming more and more popular on our phones for some reason.... 
5 and 6) Andrew and I waiting to swim with the dolphins and the train in the lobby cause the hotel is so darn massive. 
7-13) DOLPHINS!!! So we were given a CD with good quality pictures from our Dolphin sesh (for free) and I lost it on the way home.  Good thing we took pictures of each screen with my phone!
14-15) Our last night in Hawaii.  We had the most amazing time and we were able to do SOOOO much. We loved every second of it and can't wait to go back!