I've seen this hashtag floating around the interwebs and I just downloaded a bunch of photos from my phone, so I thought I would participate in a little #throwbackthursday action here on the good ol blog!
We have been spending time up in Park City all week long, which means that our little baby, Albie, has been stuck in Bountiful with my mom's little pups.  As a tribute to my cute little pup- we will throw back to "All about Albie!"
(Most of you won't care.  But in honor of my post yesterday, I'm going to start writing more about all aspects of my life!)

 The picture on the left is about 20 minutes after we picked her up! She was nervous as all get out and we stuck her in our bag and went into Walmart to get all of her gear!

This picture kills me! Andy sent this to me while I was away on a work trip- she looks so freaky! Albie loved playing in this field out by our old house- she would run and run and run! 

The two pictures above are the remnants of her puppiness! She got a hold of my nice bra and then DESTROYED her bed! I wasn't too happy about the bra incident, but I couldn't stop laughing when it came to the dog bed! What a goof. 

Albie and Andy cuddling- she is the biggest cuddle hog! She will nuzzle her nose where ever she wants to be until we move to give her room- or she will just sit on us! 

Albie with her buddies Zoey and Miley

She is such a quirky dog- on the left she was positioning herself to drink out of Miley's water jug- look at her! haha.  And then on the right, if we are ever just standing there she will come and just stand in between our legs like that.  She doesn't move or try to get you to play with her- she will just come stand! 

Here I am with my little pup.  I am so glad we got her- I keep thinking about the fun bond that her and our little guy will have together all throughout their growing up years! Love that Alb-Meister!