Thursday June Jiggler

Wow- I have to do a good update- I fell behind! On Thursday, we took a midnight train to Georgia! Not literally of course, but that was the song that was stuck in my head all night during our adventure! So on Thursday night, Andy helped an older man in my ward move branches and he didn't get done until about 8:00 and then we wanted to move down our bed, TV, and Table- seems like an easy task right?? Well, at about 9:30 we made the trek down with my bed and some chairs to our table.  Unloaded that, set it up, and then drove back home.  My dad was SET on us moving the TV and Table that night too- problem was was that it was about 11:15 when we finally got the stuff in the truck, then we had to drive it down, and then unload it. It took about another hour for us to unload that stuff and set it up-
  The TV was so big, but I'm impressed because we walked away with only a couple scratches on the wall! Moral of the story=Don't let my dad pressure you into doing things at 11:00 at night because then you don't go to bed until 1:00!

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