Saturday=High School Rewind Day

June Jiggler for June 12 = 
So, USANA Health Sciences was having their employee Lagoon day on Saturday, but because of extreme weather conditions, the day was canceled.  Lara and Dave had driven up to join us at Lagoon "It's What Fun Is", but we would've froze our butts off if we stayed! So with a full day of nothing in front of us, we decided to have a High School summer day- It was so fun to just relax and do pretty much nothing!
First Stop: The Gateway Mall- we split up and Lara and I spent about 1 hour in Forever 21 feeling young again! haha- I could spend so much money there! We both walked away with some great finds!
We met up with the boys and we were all starving- so where do high school kids eat when you have no money?? The food court! Good times- we sat by a ride called the "Mushroom Adventure" or something like that... we aren't sure what kind of message that is spreading to the children! ha
We stopped by the Clark Planetarium where the boys were less than impressed but did have some fun being adventurous in picture taking! baha.
After that we went and watched The Gaurdian- such a good movie, but made me so stressed out! I don't deal well with movies like that! haha- we scarfed down brownies and then went and got Papa Murphy's pizza and cooked it up while we watched Hoosiers and Lara and I painted our nails at Lara's parent's house.  We finished the night off at Smith's Marketplace falling asleep in recliner's and hammocks and enjoying the best High School Rewind day of our lives! A completely pointless day that led to lots of fun!!

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  1. Sounds like you guys are having tons of fun! I'm glad to hear you are in your new place and lovin it! Hope to see you soon. Love you guys!