So 4 years ago, I lived in Hawaii.  I had the greatest time out there and met the greatest people! One of them being my roommate Shellie.  Shellie is from Centerville and went to Viewmont so we knew some of the same people.  Shellie became one of my best friends! As the end of our time was fast approaching, we decided that we were going to take on a huge task of amazingness.  This task you ask?
April Wahoo
We decided that for the whole month of April, we were going to do something new everyday and document it! We made a list of things we wanted to do: eat pineapple from a pineapple stand, ride the bus around the whole island (may sound totally stupid, but you meet the most amazing people- half which are from LA... shout out to baz and leslie...), dance in the rain, go snorkeling, go surfing, and so on and so on. This list of ours was quite long, but we were determined to accomplish everything on that list! What came of this you ask?? A copius amount of fun in April!! Some of the greatest memories I will ever have! And all with my bestie Shellie.

So I was driving in the car yesterday (June 3rd) and I decided that i was going to do that again this month but with my new bestie- Andrew! What a brilliant idea! I thought... I can call it the
June... Jiggler! It just came to me and I like it... So you will be getting a daily (hopefully!) update on this June Jiggler and what is going on!

Task Numero Uno:
(I'm actually going to document three pictures from last night because all of them were monumental in our book!)

Andrew eating cake without milk... he usually eats it in a bowl of milk-
 you can tell by his face that he hates it! :)

Andrew is growing in his first sideburn!! You can't see it super good- but it's there! YAY ANGE! 
But... it's only on the left side.  Maybe in another 5 years he will grow one on the right! :)

I think Andy will be embarrassed that I put this on there- but this was our main June Jiggler! Yes- we did nose strips! It was great! He didn't think any other guys ever do this, but I convinced him that they do so we were finally able to get a picture! Success!!

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