Friday Night Lights

Why is it that everytime Andy and I move, we start to move at like 10:30- 11:00 at night? Everytime we drive up to our driveway, I start dreading all of our stuff that we have to move! It looks like it is overflowing in every direction- similar to the picture below! haha- except that we don't have shady men guarding our truck as we move our stuff!
Oh well- everytime we get stuff in, I just take a step back and Andy and I start feeling so incredibly grateful for everything everyone gave us for our wedding.  Seriously- we were hooked up in every single department and we are not hurting for one single thing! Thank you to everyone that has helped us start our life out together!
On Friday, we ended up driving up to Logan to go pick up our amazing chocolate brown, micro fiber, very comfortable couch that my amazing cousins, Troy and Andrea so generously gave to us! So we drove up, packed up that, some side tables, and the rest of our junk from Logan and hit the road... at 9:45. 
What does that mean?
We don't get home until 11:00! How did this happen??! So we start unloading everything and we finally get the couch upstairs and it's such a sigh of relief! :)
Luckily we were waiting for Dave and Lara to come have an S.O. (Sleepover) so we stayed up and put everything away and got everything set for our first official guests! And boy was it fun!
Andy and I LOVE to be hosts and we would love to host anyone anytime! Just call and we will answer! :)

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