Sunday Walks

Yesterday- June 6th- was the best night to go on a walk! It was the first time Andy and I walked around the temple since last summer, and it was the second time we had been there since he proposed to me! We were at dinner at the Grandpops house and the most amazing thunder and lightening storm came blowing in! So on our way back into Bountiful, Andy and I sat in the back seat like little school children watching the lightening crack and the thunder boom! :)
Once we got home, Andsy pants and I went down for a walk around the Bountiful Temple.  The temperature was perfect and a little humid becase of the storm- just wonderful for two love sick people! :) haha.  I really do love walking around the temple- one of my most favorite things to do.  I hope I can do it until I am 98 years old!! I was grateful that our June Jiggler for the day was surrounding the temple- really put things into perspective for us!
And this picture is pretty much the same one that I stole out of my first apartment of my first area on the mission- this is what I missed for 1 1/2 years- pure bliss with that sunset in the background!

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