Wednesday- Ute Action

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010
(I got a little behind in blogging our June Jigglers- but that's the story of my life when it comes to journal writing!)
Tonight Andrew and I spent a lot of time up at the good ol University of Utah library! It brought back bitter sweet moments, but all in all, I am happy I am not in school anymore! :) I have paid my time! So why were we up there you ask? Well, the amazing person that I am, needed to finish this wedding video that I shot last August. 
 It was my first one- I gave them a killer deal- but it has kind of been the bain of my existence!
ONLY because I have been so busy this past year!
Started dating someone, fell in love SO fast :), got engaged, graduated school, moved to Logan, moved back to SLC, got a full time job, got married, lived in two places for 3 months, and moved into a new home- to say the least, time has slipped RIGHT through my fingers!

  So I told this couple last summer that I wouldn't have the video complete in 6 months (because that's what other videographers say- to play it safe, so I thought I would too. And Boy am I glad I did!) I got it to them on January 1st- so I guess only 5 months after...
I spent much of my time up at the U of U library over Christmas break!!
  So I gave it to them and thought I was done with it, but they wanted me to add something in for them- they asked me about one week before I got married, so I promised I would get it to them once life slowed down- Well, life didn't slow down until last week.  I forced myself to the library and got it done in a quick time actually!
  Luckily John "the man" Henrie was working tonight otherwise I wouldn't have gotten a guest pass to use the computer! But I did, finished the video, and made 6 copies of it to give to them.
 Moral of the story- sometimes things are a great opportunity, but I need to learn to make sure I don't over-do myself sometimes! I want to do wedding videos at some point, this experience was so good for me to learn what works and what doesn't, but I've realized that this will be a hobby I will pursue down the road... along with so many other things!

Oh... and the last post was short lived... :)

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