June 4th JUNE JIGGLER!!!

So a couple weeks ago, Andy and I ran in a 5k race to support Brain Injury Research- I did worse than I did last year, but that's besides the point! At the beginning of the race my dad bought a bunch of raffle tickets and brought them over to us.  You could tell my mom was less than happy to see all the tickets because none of us ever win anything from a raffle (except for once I won pictures of the cruise boat we were on for our senior trip! HOLLA!)  Anyways- we ran the race, stayed at the finish line and waited for the raffle to begin.  After about 8 minutes my mom was complaining that we never win anything and all of a sudden one of Andy's ticket numbers were called! Woo Hoo! We didn't hear what it was that we won so he took a quick jont over to the prize table and I see him walking towards us laughing so hard... what did he get you asked?? Exactly- it was the best prize ever:
Yup- a Printing calculator- with 12 rolls of paper!! We were ecstatic to say the least!! haha- atleast we won- then about 10 minutes later my mom's number was called- a free haircut and shampoo from a high end salon. So cool! We were on a roll! now I just needed to win something... 5 minutes later, my name is called and it is for season tickets to Rodgers Memorial Theater! So cool! We made out of that raffle like bandits- bought $25 worth of tickets and walked away with $200 worth of stuff! Congrats to us! :)
So this brings me to my June Jiggler- Friday was the showing of Steel Magnolias at the Theater- so Andy and I decided that would be our J squared for the day- I don't know if anyone has ever seen the show- but it is 100% for a girl- so Andy was pretty bored! But he was glad to be there with me! :)
After that we decided that we wanted shakes from Sonic- one problem was that we didn't know where one was! I figured there would be one up in Layton so we drove to Layton only to find that that one was shut down! We figured we had already driven so far, so driving to Clearfield to find one wouldn't be too bad- drove all around and couldn't find it.  Riverdale was our next stop and we drove up and down the road only to find that that one had been shut down too! (But we did find a bar called Teazers that apparently Andy helped builed several years ago! What a champ!) Long story short, we ended up at a Village Inn 1 hour away from my house at 12:00 at night! What an adventure it was for two old married people!! haha


  1. Seriously everything about your JX2 posts are entertaining and wonderful, but I am SERIOUSLY laughing just thinking about and picturing Andy sitting through Steel Magnolias!! Hahah!!!!!!!!!!! That's just great! Hahaha!!!

  2. hahaha- isn't it so great! He laughed only when they talked about guns and killing things- which didn't happen very often so you can imagine how much laughing was coming from him! haha