June Jiggler- June 7th, 2010
Tonight we had our First Official Family Home Evening!! We have done little things on Monday to make it different than other nights, but tonight we dubbed it as Official Family Home Evening- So great things were in store!
Anything great in this life starts out at the Cowboy Grub! This is the restaurant I worked at last year and absolutely loved it! Loved the people, loved the atmosphere, and loved the food! Just a great family friendly restaurant if you ask me! And any place with this mural on the front door is a winner in my book!
After that we drove down to Temple Square- I know... typical FHE in Utah.  But we went with a purpose! A) It was our first time back since we got married there and it was so great! We saw several brides and grooms getting pics taken and we just sat and reminiced about the good ol days! It was a gorgeous night also, so that was a plus!  After we sat outside and admired the gorgeous landscaping, we headed into the South Visitors Center where a new replica of the temple is up for display.  The purpose of it is to help members who have not gone into the temple for a long time, are less active, etc. see inside it and hopefully prompt them to come again (that's what Elder Hinckley said at the unveiling of it).  It is also really cool for non-members to see it too. 
the model was made by non-members in Toronto, Canada (holla!)  The church sent them pictures of every room and they made everything to the correct scale- even the murals are perfectly how they are in the temple! So cool! I also never knew that there was a huge assembly hall above the Celestial Room- very neat.  Andy and I both sat and focused on the peaceful feeling we had while we were there- it's nice to step away from the world sometimes and just relax and focus on what really matters.
After that we drove through the hills of Bountiful and creepily took pictures of the most amazing houses!! Andy is going into Architecture, so he was loving life while looking at all these million dollar homes- Very cool!  To top the night off, we saw the most beautiful sunset and then went home and watched Mountain of the Lord.  The best FOFHE ever!


  1. Toronto shouldn't get a shout-out, cause Toronto sucks. There's even a song called "toronto sucks"... But you made up for it by starting this blog with Cowboy Grub. I still have my stamp that I got from there...

  2. Same here... oh wait. i think I threw it away yesterday. I realized I was a Hoarder so I just had to do a massive clean. my bad.

  3. Elise you are too cute! I am totally about taking pics of beautiful houses, not creepy at all. If Andy is taking Architecture you guys should plan a vacation to Halifax, Nova Scotia. The most amazing homes and buildings I have ever seen next to the old city in Quebec City. Oh by the way this is Shana, lol.