Great Treasures!

On Day 3 of the J Squared, Andrew and I found ourselves out at the Bountiful City Dump.  Why you ask?  Because we had been tearing out carpet from sun up till sun down and it was time to drop off the old cat stained remains of ugly carpet that was found in our apartment when we found it! Hallelujah! Our new carpet comes this Wednesday and we could not be more excited to move into our little love shack! :)
Best part of the day was:
A)- it was my first time to the dump and I was educated on how the dump works! I always thought that it was just a huge pile of waste- which it is, but it is actually covered up by dirt and has grass growing on it! Interesting... not like I love the dump or anything but I thought it was interesting... that's all I'm going to say about that!
B)- While we were dumping the carpet the first time, there was a little boy that had come with his father- he had made his way across the dump and had an old plastic shovel in one hand and was reaching down to pick something else up.   He yells in his most enthusiasic and serious voice, "DAD! THERE ARE SOME GREAT TREASURES OUT HERE!! AND THEY DON'T EVEN SMELL THAT BAD!!"  hahaha- the dad kept trying to get him to stop and get out of the trash pile, but he was loving life too much!
Have fun with that one pops!
Here is to June 5th and the June Jiggler!

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