Movin and Shmoozin

June 9th, 2010
Today we started to move all of our kitchen stuff in! It is so exciting to finally be opening up all the wedding gifts we got! Man- we were spoiled rotten at our wedding and we are so grateful! Most of our carpet got put in last night and it is GORG if I don't mind saying myself! It's so thick and soft to the feet... mmm mmm good!
And we have to give a huge big shout out to mi madre (who will never read this, but it's the thought that counts) who has painted nearly every room! I mean it's been a team effort, but she has been there in the wee hours to let the carpet guy in to walking around the house with a little paint brush perfecting every little corner! Thanks mom for helping us out right now!
We haven't taken too many pictures because our camera card is acting weird right now, but here are a few of us painting before the carpet came...
These first two are of our kitchen and stairs coming up to our place...

This one is our great red wall in our bedroom!

This is where our TV will go! IT will fit just perfect!  And the ugly blue/gray carpet is gone!! Yippee!!
I will put more pictures on here as we start getting everything settled in!

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