First time shopping together

We figured for Monday's June Jiggler, we would most defintaly count shopping! We headed over to Target (After saying goodbye to Andra- hope she has fun in San Fran!) and walked up and down every aisle as we decided what we wanted to buy.  This is so big for us because we have never been grocery shopping together and we have been married for 3 months and 2 days! Also this is big because neither of us had really been grocery shopping since our mission! WE are so grown up now!
We came home, put everything away, sat down and watched TV (Cake boss! Holla!! Love it when cable is included in our HOA! = ENDLESS TLC!) while we enjoyed some cereal and yogurt. 
 I realized this morning that even though we bought a bunch of stuff, it really doesn't seem like we bought anything! I guess that's how it will be for awhile!! We just need to continue to get the basics!!
But once again, it was a very peaceful night (except for my scary dream that woke me up), and it was so fun to be in our place just the two of us! Yay for being on our own!!


  1. i loooove tlc. we are so the same.

  2. that's the story of our lives! i feel like i'm always buying food and then i get home and we have nothing to eat! then again.. it was always like that at my parent's house too.. guess that's just the way it is. ha